‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares ‘Honest’ Feelings About Becoming a Grandmother

Ree Drummond is on track to becoming a first-time grandmother, and what she has to say about the experience may surprise you.

While some parents beg their adult children to give them grandbabies as soon as they turn a certain age, the cookbook author and food blogger is not one of them.

In fact, she told People that she wasn't "necessarily in a big rush to enter the grandparent stage" and that after her daughter Alex told her she's expecting, the reality of being promoted to a grandparent felt "totally different" than she assumed it would–still, she couldn't be any less ecstatic for the expecting couple.

"Gosh, it feels totally different than I thought it would feel,” the 55-year-old confessed. “Since we just kind of became empty-nesters, Ladd and I feel like we just finished raising our kids—not even finished! A couple of them are in college, so we're still raising our kids.”

Along with Alex, Ree and her husband, Ladd, are also the parents of daughter Paige and sons Bryce, Jamar and Todd.

“We weren't necessarily in a big rush to enter the grandparent stage,” she added with a laugh. “I thought when I heard the news eventually, whenever that would be, that I would feel more, ‘Oh no, here it comes.’ But instead, what I think about most is—this is my honest answer—just how happy I am for my daughter and her husband.”

She's also excited to embark on this new stage of life, partly because it means she gets to watch her daughter reenact some of the same "precious" adventures she first had with Alex as a child–exempt from them would be one regrettable experience at the mall that Ree has since apologized for.

“Thinking back on the days when my kids were babies and those years, I mean, I can hardly look at old pictures because it was just such a precious, fun time,” the Food Network star admitted. “I'm just so happy that she is going to enter into that period of her life. There's just nothing better in the world.”

As for predictions on what Alex and her husband, Mauricio Scott, may be having, the celebrity chef can only "guess."

“I feel like it's a boy," she said, "but then again, I have a 50-50 chance of being right."

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