‘Pioneer Woman’s Ree Drummond Gets Dog Lovers’ Stamp of Approval as She Admits Her Own Pets Are ‘So Spoiled’

A new video that Ree Drummond shared with her social media followers has convinced the dog lovers among her fans that she is treating her ranch dogs exactly as they should be treated.

The sweet video that Drummond posted on Instagram on Saturday, July 6, showed three ranch dogs leaning on various members of The Pioneer Woman host’s family. Each pet in view was happily receiving pets and scratches as the group enjoyed time outside.

The video began with a close-up of one of Drummond’s basset hounds seemingly on the verge of drifting off to sleep while receiving pets. The angle of the video then shifted to show the other two dogs in a similar state.

“These dogs are so spoiled.😂,” Drummond, 55, wrote to caption her post, which she fittingly paired with a clip from Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

The Food Network star’s fans gushed over the adorable video in the post’s comment section, with many in agreement that the dogs were being treated “as they should be.”

“Why shouldn't they be? Look at that face.❤️,” one fan wrote as another agreed that being spoiled was the “Best way for them to be!!❤️🐾.”

“They should be spoiled,” another fan insisted. “Look at all the joy they bring.”

“Dogs absolutely should be spoiled every single day,” another dog lover declared.

One fan said they similarly spoil their family’s dogs, writing that they "Wouldn’t have it any other way🥰🐾🐾.”

A few Instagram users objected to the idea that the ranch dogs were being “spoiled,”with one writing, “They’re not spoiled…..they are loved ♥️♥️♥️.”

“They’re not spoiled,” one person agreed. “They are just treated the way dogs SHOULD BE!”

Another fan suggested the dogs likely weren't the only ones being “spoiled” on the Drummond ranch. “Any animal or human is spoiled at your home Ree with your huge loving heart! Always doing for others! 😊💕,” they wrote.

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