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Sydney-based public relations specialist, photographer and travel blogger.
FOLLOWERS: 714,000.
PINS:Travel photographs, surf beaches, motorsports.
WHY ARE YOU A BIG DEAL ON PINTEREST? “I use it to document photographs from my travels. The demographic loves this stuff. A lot of people use Pinterest as a ‘Where do I want to go?’ tool for planning their own trips. It may not have much in the way of written information, but it’s filled with visual inspiration. You can almost use Pinterest in place of a travel agent.”


Perth-based graphic designer and co-founder of Studio Bomba.
FOLLOWERS: 844,000.
PINS: Craft, furniture, fonts.
HOW DOES A DESIGNER FROM PERTH CLOCK UP SO MANY PINTEREST FOLLOWERS? “Pinterest’s founder, Ben Silbermann, sent our company an email early on after launch and said he liked what we were doing and would we start pinning. Back then it was a small community of design-minded people. Because we were on board early, my followers grew fast. People send me lovely notes. I’ve even had an email from a marketing company who want to pay me to pin their clients’ products. I said no. I felt it went against the spirit of Pinterest.”


Sydney-based interior designer and blogger at
PINS: Homewares, art, interiors.
WHY IS PINTEREST IMPORTANT TO YOU? “Part of my mission, with my blog and with my Pinterest boards, is to make design more accessible. Even if you’re not trained in design, just looking at beautiful, inspiring images broadens your consciousness and opens you to possibility. And once the mind is stretched, it can never go back. Pinterest is helping to make the world a more beautiful place.”


Brisbane-based graphic designer and architecture student.
FOLLOWERS: 189,000.
PINS: Buildings, building materials, sketches, diagrams.
WHY IS PINTEREST SUCH A SUCCESS? “The internet has got to a sort of critical mass, where it’s harder and harder to take in all the information that’s out there. Pinterest is a damn nice way to store and catalogue the visual world in an accessible way. There are a million design and interiors blogs out there. Pinterest helps pick out the best bits of all of them.”

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