Pink Posts Heartwarming Backstage Video of Husband Carey Hart and Son Jameson 'Bonding' While She Performs

Pink is delighting fans with a new peek at her family's life on the road, although she and her fans have slightly differing viewpoints on the content of the video uploaded to Instagram on Thursday, June 20.

The singer questioned the weirdness of the male gender in the clip, but fans were quick to point out how sweet it was from the outside looking in.

"Why are boys so weird?" she asked in text overlaying the video, which found her husband and son sitting somewhere backstage, perched on the edge of one of her not-in-use set pieces as she performed "Who Knew?"

Hart jokingly opened his closed fist in a firework motion directed at Jameson on each beat as the boy snacked on something, but the 7-year-old was quick to join in with his father, as they opened their hands in a dazzling move near each other's faces with every clash of the cymbals.

However, Jameson's attention wasn't captured for long. After letting out a sneeze, he pulled a silly face before turning back to the bag in his hand while Carey began to play the air drums.

"12, 7, 48," Pink added in the caption. "It’s all the same."

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But fans were touched by the sweet glimpse at the father-son duo, with one calling it "the cutest moment."

"they are in sync 😁❤️," they added.

"But they are so damn cute!!!" another replied. "Lol at them bonding over Mama's music and snacks! 👏😍❤️🔥😂."

"So sweet of them sitting backstage listening to you!!" someone else agreed.

"The weird ones are the best," another pointed out, while someone else called them the "coolest family ever" as the two mingled while the performer was "on stage killing it."

Others joked that Carey was her "first child," pointing out that "it's great that your 3 kids get along so well 😂."

In addition to Jameson, the two also share 13-year-old Willow, who often joins her mom on stage to sing their duet "Cover Me in Sunshine."

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