Pink gives 7-year-old daughter $130 for a lost tooth

Not all tooth fairies are created equal, apparently.

Things are a bit more generous at the Hart household, according to an Instagram post from superstar singer Pink’s husband Carey Hart.

The post shows Willow Sage, his 7-year-old daughter with his pop star wife, holding a freshly yanked tooth in one hand and a crisp $100 bill ($130 AUD) in the other.

That’s a considerable amount of cash to flash for one baby tooth — but it may be down to a special bet rather than something Willow Sage should expect to be deposited underneath her pillow with every missing premolar.

Hart’s caption explains that he and his daughter made a bet: If she pulled out the loose tooth herself in one go (ouch!), the money was hers. Challenge accepted — and completed.

Some commenters joked that they’d like Hart and Pink to adopt them, but there were a few critical reactions.

Pink with her daughter at the 2018 Super Bowl. Source: Getty

“You do realize every tooth is now gonna cost you 100 bucks each,” read one comment.

“Geez. Lifestyles of the rich and famous!” remarked another follower.

“$100 for a tooth!!!” someone else wrote. “Bloody hell! That’s just setting kids up to expect everything on a silver platter in life!”

Carey Hart, Pink, and daughter Willow Sage at the 2018 Grammys. Source: Getty

“It’s cute but what about the parents that can’t afford a 100 bucks for the tooth fairy?” a follower added. 

But other parents got a kick out of Willow’s windfall, admitting that they too will increase the tooth fairy bounty — though not necessarily all the way up to $100 — to reward their kids for bravely pulling out a tooth.

At that rate, who wouldn’t part ways with an incisor or two?

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