Piers Morgan brands Meghan Markle a ‘two-faced control freak’ in scathing 'advice'

Holly Hales
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Meghan Markle has once again come under Piers Morgan's fire. Photo: Getty

Piers Morgan has once again thrown criticism in Meghan Markle’s way.

This time he’s given her a scathing ten-point guide on how to become a ‘popular princess’.

The TV host offered the advice in a Mail Online column, where he admitted to not being a ‘massive fan’ of the duchess because she allegedly ‘ghosted’ him after they met for a drink back in 2016.

Since Meghan and Harry’s relationship became public later that same year, Piers has taken many opportunities to voice his opinions of his one-time friend.

But now he’s undergone a change of heart of sorts and revealed feeling a ‘pang of sympathy’ when seeing Meghan mum-shamed for the way she held baby Archie at the polo.

Piers’ top tips

Instead of cooling off on the criticism, Piers found the moment an appropriate one to shell out advice to the Duchess of Sussex in order to become more popular with the public.

“Nobody likes a two-faced control freak who wants to turn on and off the publicity tap when it suits her, especially when they’re paying for much of your lavish lifestyle,” he wrote.

Meghan was criticised for how she held baby Archie at the polo earlier this week. Photo: Getty

From requesting she ‘stop bleating about privacy’ to not ‘take the p**s’ and a plea to ‘make peace with the Cambridges’, Piers’ advice is slightly more constructive than his past critiques.

‘Plant trees, and do your duty’

The ex-newspaper editor went on to reference Meghan’s infamously-lavish baby shower in advice centred around ‘avoiding being a hypocrite’.

“On the same day you were living it up with your baby shower in New York, your Kensington Palace Twitter account was posting pleas for us to do more for poor people. I mean, COME ON?!” he wrote.

Meghan copped criticism after her security asked a spectator taking a selfie at Wimbledon not to do so. Photo: Getty

Piers then told the duchess to ‘stop showing off’ her ‘unimaginable’ wealth before calling the event, which cost an estimated $600,000AUD, ‘obscene’.

While the duchess has been on the receiving end of public criticism since late last year, this has intensified in recent weeks following Archie’s very secretive christening and a Wimbledon appearance, shrouded in controversy.

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