Pierce Brosnan reveals unrecognisable look for new film: 'Bizarre'

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Pierce Brosnan has shocked fans with his ‘incredible’ new look for his upcoming film The Last Rifleman.

Playing an 89-year-old war veteran, the star sports a balding wig, prosthetics and fake eyebrows.

Pierce Brosnan on the red carpet, smilling
Pierce Brosnan doesn't look like this in his new film. Photo: Getty

The film is inspired by true events, with Pierce playing the title character of Artie Crawford. Stuck in a nursing home in Northern Ireland, the cheeky character decides to escape.

It wasn’t an easy feat for the 69-year-old James Bond star to add 20 years to his age, and he shared a sweet tribute to the incredible work by the makeup team.


The Last Rifleman, it’s a wrap, what a beautiful dream it all ways. Thank you Millennium FX…Neill and Vanessa for creating the look of Artie Crawford.

“Thank you Sarah, Morgan and Stephan for every day making Artie real before my eyes each morning for two hours. A meditation of patiences and precision, creation and transformation, you made me believe in Artie. Onwards, always onwards,” he finished.

Two photos showcasing Pierce Brosnan's extensive makeup and hair work for his new film.
The former James Bond looks completely different with his receding hairline and prosthetic work. Photo: Facebook/piercebrosnan

In the star’s photos, he showed how he would don a bald cap and prosthetics around his neck before the look was complete with bushy white eyebrows and his white wig.

Some fans compared him to Jimmy Stewart, and many were astounded by his transformation.

“Wow! I never would have guessed who this is! Great makeup!” one wrote.

“It must be very bizarre to see yourself 25 years or so down the road!” added a second.

“Absolutely incredible transformation Pierce Brosnan! My favourite actor!” commented a fan.

“Great makeup, fooled me. I thought he had aged overnight, gave me a fright,” another chimed in.

L: Pierce Brosnan in the makeup chair with a bald cap on and prosthetics being applied. R: Pierce Brosnan in character for The Last Rifleman, holding a pint of Guinness in a pub
It took the star two hours to get ready each morning. Photo: Facebook/piercebrosnan

However, there was one part of Pierce’s new look that fans said couldn’t ever change.

“But the eyes reveal the true identity,” observed a fan.

“Still see him in those eyes!” remarked a second.

“Amazing transformation, well done makeup artists. You can still tell with the eyes who it is, eyes always give it away,” another wrote.

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