Your pictures on the theme of 'ripples'

We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme of "ripples". Here is a selection of the photographs we received from around the world.

Ripples around ducks on a pond
Jiri Dvorak photographed ducks in London. [Jiri Dvorak]
A plant in front of rippling water
Łukasz Wojtylak: “Flowers by the city pond in Niepołomice, Poland. In the background, fish are catching insects in the sunlight.” [Łukasz Wojtylak]
A Red-Striped Ribbon snake in water
Erin Stenzel: “A Red-Striped Ribbon snake cooling off and making some waves at Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas.” [Erin Stenzel]
RiIpple shapes in sand
Andrew Martin: “Ripples in the sand under Weston-super-Mare pier, giving something of a solar flare vibe.” [Andrew Martin]
Ripples in sand dune
Kathlene Persoff: “Strong Atlantic winds at Palmetto Dunes Beach on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, created graceful ripples in the sands.” [Kathlene Persoff]
Patterns on tree bark
Chris Tudor: “Rhythmic patterns on the trunk of a mature palm tree in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote.” [Chris Tudor]
People reflected in rippled mirrors
David Robinson: “On a bustling shopping street in central London a reflection of pedestrians creates the impression of urban ripples.” [David Robinson]
A person paddling in a canoe
Matthew Logan: “The ripples formed from the water dripping off the paddle of the canoeist makes a perfect arc.” [Matthew Logan]
A rock surrounded by rippled sand
Quintin Quinn photographed ripples in the sand. [Quintin Quinn ]
Two people on a beach
Shauna Dalziel: “The sky, the sea, the sand all rippled at the Newton Shore, Ayr. We stood and bathed in the glorious sunset.” [Shauna Dalziel]
A boat at Dunbar Harbour, Scotland
John Dawson: “I took a train to Dunbar from Edinburgh, as I had heard there was a lot to see around the harbour area. What I had heard was correct - spent the whole day there.” [John Dawson]
Ducklings on the water
Iain Shaw: “Clear water ahead. Goslings kicking up a storm.” [Iain Shaw]
Water droplets on a piece of rope
Paul Sullivan: “Droplets from a dock line in Pigeon Cove, Rockport, Massachusetts.” [Paul Sullivan]
Ripples in a lake
Lee Slater: “I missed Sarah's impressive dive into Blue Lake, Central Otago, but caught this fine set of ripples instead. This lunar-like landscape used to be one of New Zealand's deepest gold mines.” [Lee Slater]
Ripples in a lake around a boat
Fiona MacCallum: “East Quay, Wells -next-the-Sea, north Norfolk. I caught the ripples at dusk as a dinghy went past.” [Fiona MacCallum]
A man reflected in convex and concave mirrors at a fair
Kevin Privett: “Ripples in the fabric of space-time caught on camera; or is it just crazy mirrors on Southwold pier?” [Kevin Privett]
Ripples on a flooded lake in Cumbria
Jenny Retzler: “Ripples on flooded fields around Coniston Water, Lake District.” [Jenny Retzler]
An insect in water
Jane Luetkens: “Before steering this insect towards a lily pad and safety, I had to admire the ripples it made on the water.” [Jane Luetkens]
A pond at sunset
Henry Szwinto: “Sunset at Setley Pond, New Forest, Hampshire.” [Henry Szwinto]
A swimmer creating ripples
Miriam Simmons photographed a swimmer at Walpole Bay in Kent. [Miriam Simmons]

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