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Cinderella Maternity Photos

A Photographer Transforms Soon-to-Be Moms Into Disney Princesses

As a mom of two, self-taught Brazilian photographer Vanessa Firme knows that being pregnant can be truly magical. While she's used to taking photos of expectant moms, she became interested in stylized maternity shoots after a woman approached her about doing princess-themed photos to honor her daughter, Bela.

"I thought how magical it would be for her when she saw her own mother dressed as the princess," she told Good Morning America. "People loved it and we decided to make more princesses. "These photos tell mothers that they can all be whoever they want to be. It shows what happens after happily ever after."

Eventually, Vanessa also began incorporating the Disney theme into her newborn shoots, so it has all really come full circle! Keep reading to get a look at these stunning photos that are seriously turning heads.


This Enchanting Princess Maternity Photo Shoot Is Pure Disney Magic