Shock photo shows the common cleaning mistake we're all making

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Have you ever gone to the trouble and shifted that really heavy bit of furniture in a bid to do a ‘proper’ vacuum only to be confronted by a thick film of dust, dead flies and probably inexplicable a Christmas bauble from ten years ago?

We’re all aware that out of eyesight there lurks some pretty filthy areas in our seemingly spotless homes, but it turns out the dirtiest secret your house is hiding is in the cleaning itself.

The crucial step to cleaning vacuums

Most stop their cleaning here, but there's a vital step missing. Photo: Facebook/mumswhoclean

A video shared earlier in the week by Youtuber Steve's Real World instructs owners of the popular Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner of a crucial step they are missing in their cleaning.

Where most can empty the vacuum cleaner of debris, and maybe even local and clean the filter, it turns out there’s a third step that involves removing the plastic inner-cover.

The YouTube tutorial shows how to remove the plastic case to expose the hidden dust. Photo: YouTube/Steverd99

The hack involves cleaning the normal parts of the vacuum, then using a butter knife to pry the plastic covering off the inside of the bin, exposing a second layer that is probably covered in dust.

An internal part of the machine, it’s an easy step to miss, but as one mum discovered, not a pretty sight if left too long.

The mum in question decided to follow the hack after 6 years of using her Dyson, and took to a Facebook cleaning group to share the confronting image of what she found.

A mum shared the photo of what a typical vacuum cleaner is hiding after years of use. Photo: Facebook

“I clean mine on the regular but did not know about the filter separating or about THIS BIT COMING OFF!!!!” thew mum wrote. “ITS FERAL. And I was ashamed!!!”

The photo shows the inside of the vacuum coasted in a thick layer of dust, a hidden bit of filth to what seemed like a perfectly clean and functioning cleaner.

Hundreds reveal they never knew

Hundreds rushed to the post to share their disbelief at the cleaning hack they had never thought of.

Many even said the deep clean gave their machine a new lease on life, and if left too long the built-up dust can seriously impact performance.

“(Mine) also worked so much better afterwards,” one woman wrote.

“I pull mine apart and give it a good blow out with the air compressor about once a month. So easy and works so much better once it’s done,” another shared.

The vacuums are a hit among homemakers and have made headlines with some seriously sweet sale prices over the year.

It’s not the first time a jaw-dropping cleaning transformation has sparked a virtual movement online.

Earlier in the month, a mum revealed the simple $11 product that transformed her stained toilets and had people everywhere clamouring to get their hands on the Bunnings Buy.

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