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Taking Care of Your Dog's Teeth And Nails

September 11, 2008, 4:20 pmpets

Make sure you take care of your dog's teeth and nails.


Check Teeth

Is your dog's breath a little smelly? It could be tartar buildup, tooth decay or a nose or mouth infection. If you notice changes in your dogs mouth or breath you should consult your vet. There are also premium pet foods that have been designed to help reduce the build up of plaque and tartar, promoting healthy teeth and gums. The mechanical action of chewing the specifically designed kibble, in combination with the active ingredient (sodium tripolyphosphate) promotes good oral hygiene.

Check Nails

Letting nails grow too long can be painful for your dog. If you haven't done this before, take your dog to the vet or groomer and ask them to show you when and how to clip them and what tools to use.

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