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Basic Obedience Dog Training

September 29, 2008, 11:28 am Provided by Your Pet Magazine pets

Responsible pet owners understand that getting your dog to follow basic commands means a commitment to training.

Basic Obedience Dog Training

Come, sit, wait, drop, walk nicely by an owner's side, and getting along with other dogs in the community are very important and can easily be taught without force or fear.

This basic obedience is vital for responsible pet ownership, whether your dog is a puppy or an adult.

It will come as no surprise to learn that along with everything else dog-related, training methods have changed over the years. Positive reinforcement' training is a method of learning that's based on a good experience. That is, if there is something in it' for your dog (such as a treat or pat) then the likelihood of that action (come when I call you) will increase rapidly.

This is the method used by dog trainers who have undergone training with Delta Society - a professional membership based organisation that trains instructors to a nationally-recognised Certificate IV qualification, as well as upholding a code of ethics.

Delta-accredited dog trainers work on the philosophy that positive reinforcement, or reward-based training, is humane and creates a strong life bond between the pet and the owner. It teaches dogs in a cooperative manner, to respond to human commands and to be confident and comfortable in the human world.

Positive reinforcement enables owners to form a strong bond, provide leadership, teach their pets social rules, boundaries and set clear and consistent guidelines. To do this, owners need to understand the dog's language and understand how dogs learn.

Dogs don't think like people, they learn by association. If good behaviour is rewarded with food, a pat, smile, using a nice voice or offering a toy, then that behaviour will increase.

Positive reinforcement differs from negative or punishment based training methods where pain or pressure is used and the dog succumbs to a command or obeys' simply to stop the pain. These methods can lead to a dog shutting down (people often mistake this for misbehaving or ignoring and will punish the dog further) or can cause a dog to react by snapping or growling.

And these methods are certainly not conducive to establishing a loving and caring bond between dog and owner.

Positive reinforcement leads to an appropriate caring, loving relationship between you and your pet where the dog is eager to please, happy to learn and the owner is prepared to understand and try to comprehend the very extensive world of a dog. From a doggie point of view, this can only be a positive!

For more information contact your local Delta-accredited trainer.

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