Dog Walkers

September 6, 2008, 8:55 ampets

Are you busy and feel that you don't have any time left in your day to walk the dog?


Never fear because there is a solution for you: "Dog Walkers".

Dog walkers are people that come to your home and take your pooch for a walk when you don't the spare time. It's not just about exercise though, it enables your pet to have some company during the day, especially if they are left home alone all day.

Dog walking is ideal for people that have time constraints. It's hard when you get home from a hard days work and then still have to work up the energy to walk the dog for an hour. It's really important that your dog obtains its daily energy requirements because if they don't, you can be left with a few behavioural issues.

Dogs may become bored, destructive and even aggressive if not stimulated in the right ways every single day. Some of the larger and more established dog walking companies will offer more than just dog walking. This includes other things like home visits, pet sitting, pet minding and pet transportation. You may also like your dog to go out in small group walks to promote dog socialisation. It's a great idea if time is an issue for you, so give it a go and see what results you can get out of it!

Lauren, Vet Nurse

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