Woman willing to swap her kitten for an iPad

February 19, 2013, 11:03 am Sophie Brown pets

A Melbourne woman’s online ad to swap her kitten for an iPad has outraged animal rights groups.

Woman willing to swap her kitten for an iPad

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How far would you go to get your hands on an iPad? A technology-crazed Melbournian woman is willing to exchange her 8-month-old purebred Russian Blue kitten for the popular tablet computer.

Using Gumtree to advertise her proposed swap, the Melton woman was willing to accept an iPhone 5, $700, or the nearest offer.

The woman’s desperate attempt to hunt down an iPad has alarmed animal rights groups, with RSPCA spokesman Tim Pilgrim labelling the ad “distasteful and inappropriate”.

"It's very concerning that people think they are able to trade a living creature for an electronic item," Mr Pilgrim told media.

Suggesting that the owner should turn the kitten in if unable to care for it, Mr Pilgrim told media, “We'd encourage her to surrender the kitten and let us give it the second chance it deserves - and make sure it goes to the right home, and not just someone who turns up with an iPad."

Animal Aid spokeswoman Debora Boland was also disturbed by the ad, "It's just indicative of how little animals are valued," Ms Boland told media.

Refusing to be named, the kitten’s owner confirmed the legitimacy of the ad, insisting she loved her pet but needed to find it another home after she was threatened with eviction by her landlord.

"I'm not being irresponsible, I am trying to find a good home for my kitten," the woman told media.

"If I take her to a shelter, she could get put down if no one takes her... all I'm doing is giving people the opportunity to buy her, who might not be able to afford it," the woman has said.

The controversial ad has since been removed from the Gumtree website.

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