Pete Evans slammed for 'dangerous' message to Black Lives Matter protestors

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans has decided to weigh in on the Black Lives Matter protests, taking to his social media to urged people to tear down 5G towers instead of statues.

Pete has continued to suggest the technology is involved in the coronavirus, however, these claims have been refuted by scientists and the government as the radiation that comes off these towers is incapable of penetrating human tissue.

Pete Evans has weighed in on the Black Lives Matter protests and urged people to tear down 5G towers instead of statues. Photo: Seven

There has never been any evidence that 5G is unsafe for people or that it could impact our immune system.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, Pete shared a meme that read, "Instead of tearing down old statues, if you could tear down those 5G towers that'd be great."

Pete shared a meme suggesting people tear down 5G towers instead of statues of people who were involved with slavery and other racist behaviours. Photo: Instagram/Pete Evans

Social media users were quick to slam Pete. One wrote, "This man is dangerous," while another added, "So he's trying to hijack a protest now for his own agenda."

In the last week, a number of historic statues of people who were involved in slavery and other known racist events have been vandalised as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Earlier this month, Pete endorsed US President Donald Trump's threat to use the military on protestors.

At the time he stated he was "sharing information that may not be seen on normal channels", despite the fact Trump's speech was broadcast by mainstream media.

Last month Pete also shared his support for a protest against 5G and mandatory vaccines.

The chef, who has previously shared incorrect information about immunisations, insists that he is not an 'anti-vaxxer' and is instead 'pro-choice'.

In Sydney over the weekend, police stood guard around a statue of Captain Cook in Hyde Park, in fear it would be vandalised as part of the Black Lives Matter protests. Photo: Getty

The Australian Government has stated, "Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting people against harmful diseases before they come into contact with them. Immunisation not only protects individuals, but also others in the community, by reducing the spread of preventable diseases."

At the time, the protest against 5G and vaccines violated the coronavirus restrictions which only allowed people go gather in groups of 10.

The controversial chef was recently axed from My Kitchen Rules this year, following a $25,200 fine from the Therapeutic Goods Administration over the claim that a $15,000 lamp was a potential coronavirus treatment online.

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