Pete Evans brought his daughters to therapy at 12-months-old

Sarah Carty
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He’s known for stirring up a debate with his beliefs and now celebrity chef Pete Evans has caused waves again, by revealing he started bringing his daughters to therapy at 12-months-old.

The 45-year-old My Kitchen Rules judge, who is a proud father to daughters, Chilli, 13, and Indii, 10, claims he has spent 20-years practicing Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and now chooses to have his daughters involved.

According to Willesee Healthcare, NET is ‘a mind-body stress reduction technique, that uses a method of finding and removing neurological imbalances, related to the physiological effect of unresolved stress’.

Speaking on’s Balls Deep podcast series, Pete said his daughter began to practice NET at a very young age, after she was born with a tumour.

“It’s something I do with the kids from time to time ever since they were basically one-year-old,” Pete said in the podcast.

“It’s helped me a great deal and helped different members of my family, and I’ve seen the results these people have so why would I not want to include my children?

“Some people might look at that in different light, but I would say don’t knock it until you try it.”

Pete married former model Nicola Robinson back in 2016, after splitting from his wife of 12 years, and the mother of his children, Astrid Evans, back in 2011.

Since then, he has championed the paleo lifestyle and even released a documentary last year called The Magic Pill, which is now being streamed on Netflix.

In August, he was forced to hit back at criticism surrounding its release, after Dietitians Association of Australia spokesperson and University of Newcastle professor, Clare Collins, spoke out against the film.

“This is misaligned that the answer is a magic pill paleo diet and that plays on people’s fears,” Professor Collins told The New Daily.

Pete fired back in a post claiming there was a hidden agenda behind the DAA’s opposition to the high-fat, protein-focused diet featured in his doco.

“And today’s most intelligent quote must go to… the DAA (DIEtitians a$$ociation of Australia,” Pete posted on his Facebook page.

“These stalwarts of the nation’s health seem to be in love with the ingredient called… BREAD and their advice is really helping our nation become the sickest on the planet. Is it just a coincidence that this organisation is funded by the grains and legumes council of Australia that they respond this way?”

Speaking to Be last month, Pete said he doesn’t let the critics get to him and has even managed to turn some of the opinions about him around.

“I’ve been promoting a paleo approach for the last seven years and we’ve had an amazing dialogue and conversation about it and you just need to look at the supermarkets and how quickly they’ve changed,” he said.

“Six or seven years ago it was laughable, I was the laughing stock of Australia when I spoke about activated almonds, but now, they’re stocked in all the supermarkets where we shop.”

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