Pet owner furious over friend’s ‘disrespectful’ house party rules

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A woman has sparked a debate online after she refused to let her friend’s girlfriend attend her housewarming party because she requires a service dog.

Taking to Reddit, the user wrote that she didn’t want the girlfriend and her pet to come to her new apartment because she is allergic.

Woman and dog.
A woman isn’t allowing her friend’s girlfriend to visit her house because of the girlfriend’s dog. Photo: Getty

The woman explained that her friend’s girlfriend, who she’s met once before, requires the dog for medical reasons.

“The issue is I have an allergy to dogs,” she detailed in the ‘Am I The A*****e’ forum. “The allergy isn’t severe or anything, just uncomfortable.

“When we’re outside in public it’s not much of an issue, but I’d rather not have a dog in my apartment.”

The woman also said that she has difficulty cleaning the house as she has mobility issues and uses a wheelchair, so she’d prefer not to have to deal with the dog hair.


“I do understand that her dog is very important to her, I just don’t want him in my apartment,” the user explained.

“My friend got quite upset and said if the dog can’t go, she can’t go, and if she can’t go, he won’t be going.”

The woman also shared that her friend used ‘a few choice words’ to them because they felt that she was being ‘disrespectful’.

Service dog.
The user’s friend got mad that his girlfriend wasn’t allowed to come because she requires a service dog. Photo: Getty

After asking for guidance online over what to do, followers rushed to the comments to say that she wasn’t in the wrong.

“I'm a service dog handler and while it does suck, it's just a reality that there are some things you end up excluded from because your medical equipment is a living animal,” one person replied.

They also added: “If you didn't allow the dog because you just don't like dogs or something like that, then you'd be the a*****e.”

Others argued that the poster has a right to not want dogs in their own apartment, no matter the reason.

“This isn’t some public building,” someone replied. “You can not have anyone or anything in your house you don’t want to.”

“Also, allergies are a medical condition,” another pointed out.

A different person shared: “Your friend was totally out of line to accuse you of refusing the dog out of disrespect when he knows it’s health-based.”

Many people suggested that the woman can instead choose to hang out with her friend and his girlfriend another time outdoors so it won’t be as much of an issue.

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