Pepsi X Bobby Flay's SMOKED COLAogne Is Perfect For Grilling Season

Pepsi SMOKED COLAogne in grass
Pepsi SMOKED COLAogne in grass - Michael Palan/Daily Meal

It's already been a busy summer thanks to the fine folks at Pepsi. In collaboration with Chef Bobby Flay, the two unleashed Peach and not-quite-there Lime flavors of its cola. Now, in the spirit of summer grilling, the next venture isn't something drinkable or even edible - - it's a cologne. This isn't just any old cologne, but a COLAogne called SMOKED, and Pepsi claims that there are notes of smoke, spice, caramel, citrus, and more to be found within the black bottle.

I couldn't resist this odorous task to see what the SMOKED COLAogne was all about. Does this one-of-a-kind fragrance capture the essence of summer grilling, or is it all smoke and no fire? A spray here, and a spray there, and now I'm ready to tell all in my first ever smell & tell for Daily Meal. This smell & tell is based on aroma, originality, overall sense of summer grilling, and sense of humor.

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What Does Pepsi X Bobby Flay's SMOKED COLAogne Smell Like?

Pepsi SMOKED COLAogne on a grill
Pepsi SMOKED COLAogne on a grill - Michael Palan/Daily Meal

The bottle of COLAogne arrived in a very utilitarian piece of packaging -- a black portable grill. Score! I lifted open the hood and a faux grill plate piece of cardboard stored the SMOKED COLAogne, as well as a can of Pepsi Zero Sugar. Underneath was a bonus basting brush and apron.

The SMOKED COLAogne bottle was stout, jet black in color, and topped with a "T"-shaped cap. If you were in a fragrance store, this could maybe pass as a less fancy looking version of Bleu de Chanel, Prada's Black, or Tom Ford's Noir, with a blue stripe and Pepsi logo.

I unscrewed the cap and took a brief smell. There was not much to gleem, so I sprayed a few squirts from the atomizer onto my wrist. I leaned my nose in for instant feedback of its aromatic profile. The first scent that came to mind was pine needles, followed by perhaps a hint of cinnamon. I even smelled a trace of Pepsi, but maybe that was just my mind hopefully seeking that out, as that's the company behind all this. Then I became overcome with the idea that this COLAlogne is swimming in cedarwood chips, which would be right at home at a campfire. From further away, those scents combined to form an aroma that is equally manly, woodsy, and invokes the spirit of grilling.

Our Final Thoughts On SMOKED COLAogne

Tom Ford and SMOKED COLAogne
Tom Ford and SMOKED COLAogne - Michael Palan/Daily Meal

Pepsi's SMOKED COLAogne is a fun and funny fragrance that actually means serious business. The company was able to reproduce its own take on the outdoorsy, woodsy smells of summer and bottled it for home. Is this what the world really needed? Not really, but on the other hand, why the heck not? We could use more distractions these days, and SMOKED sends just the right signals. This COLAogne is a fun novelty, but may not find fans with every nose. After several test sprays, my wife wasn't exactly thrilled that the house reeked of it. I guess I should make up for that by grilling some burgers for her Bobby Flay-style -- and maybe some hot dogs or frankfurters too -- to mask the smell.

Father's Day may already be in the rear-view mirror, but that doesn't mean honoring thy pops should end. This was and remains an ideal gift for the holiday or any day, but sadly the only way to obtain one is no longer an option. The contest to win one has already passed, so if you really want one, you'll have to seek one out on the secondary market. If that route doesn't work, wrap a t-shirt in cedarwood chips, pour a can of Pepsi on it, and let it dry. Then wear this shirt as you try out one of our 50 best grilling recipes this summer.

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