People think Donald Trump Jr.’s new rumoured girlfriend looks just like Melania Trump

Korin Miller

Donald Trump Jr. is in the process of divorcing his wife, Vanessa Trump, and reportedly has a new girlfriend.

According to Page Six, the 40-year-old has been dating Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, 49, for the past few weeks.

Donald Trump Jr. reportedly has a new girlfriend and a lot of people thinks she looks like his step-mother Melania Trump. Source: Getty

The new couple is “having a great time,” a source told the outlet. “While he wants to respect the privacy of his family, he is getting divorced, and he enjoys Kimberly’s company,” the source added.

However, people have been pointing out on social media that Guilfoyle bears a strong resemblance to Trump’s stepmother, Melania, 48.

This isn’t completely random, given that people tend to be drawn to what’s familiar, licensed clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula, author of Should I Stay or Should I Go?, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“That’s what Freud was getting at when he said, ‘You always marry your mom,’” she explains. “You only know what you know and you choose that which is familiar.”

This phenomenon isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless your partner or partners reflect negative behaviours that you saw in your parents, Durvasula says.

Trump Jr.’s reported new girlfriend apparently resembles Melania. Source: Getty

“If you had narcissistic parents, this isn’t a good thing because you’re getting pulled into the rabbit hole,” she says.

In a subconscious attempt to be competitive with their same-sex parent, some people may choose a partner similar to their parents’ opposite sex partner, Gail Saltz, MD, a psychiatrist and host of The Power of Different podcast, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

He has reportedly been dating Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle. Source: Getty

“It’s sort of a ‘see, I can have her too!'” Saltz says.

However, this is a pattern that’s usually subconscious, and people often need friends or peers to point it out to them.

“I always say to people in the early months of a relationship, pay attention to how they make you feel,” Durvasula says. “If you feel rejected like you did with your mom, you want to be deeply aware of that and try to see what you’re working through — especially if this is a pattern.”

If you’re dating someone who happens to resemble your mom or dad, though, it’s really not a big deal, Saltz says — as long as your relationship is healthy.

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