People think Charlotte got snubbed on her birthday and Prince Louis is to blame

Princess Charlotte may have momentarily upstaged her new baby brother with her sweet royal wave, but is she already slipping into middle child mode just a week after becoming a big sister?

May 2 marked the third birthday of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s only daughter, and traditionally, the couple have marked their children’s birthdays by sharing a new photo – typically one taken by their own mother.

But not this time. While the Kensington Palace Twitter account posted a birthday tribute to the princess, avid royal-watchers were quick to notice that the accompanying photo wasn’t new. It was taken in January by a then-pregnant Duchess of Cambridge to commemorate her daughter’s first day of pre-school.

While the image has been universally praised, a few folks feel that they — and the birthday girl — have been shortchanged. And yes, some are blaming it all on week-old Prince Louis.

Of course, it’s always possible that the royals will release more photos later on and that the birthday girl is currently covered in cake and presents.

Or perhaps the pre school shoot was intended to double as a birthday portrait, as some have noted that Middleton sometimes shoots her photos months in advance.

The family released an official portrait for the princess’s second birthday in 2017. (Photo: HRH the Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images)

Or maybe Prince Louis has just ruined everything for one particular toddler and will pay the price if she beats him to the throne.

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