Expensive Things That Most People Are Guilty Of Buying Even If It's Basically Flushing Money Down The Toilet

This Reddit thread asking, "What’s a total waste of money yet people still pay for it?" proves that although many of us will complain about things being wildly expensive these days, people will still go ahead and buy said things.

cashier hand ringing up merchandise
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1."Extended warranty on inexpensive items."


2."Internet service providers that still don't offer unlimited data plans."


3."Annually replacing a smartphone."

a person standing at a register in an apple store

4."95% of gym supplements. Aside from caffeine and creatine, none of them have been vetted enough to be called effective. The ones that have, are never effective."


5."The bag of spinach in my refrigerator that was purchased to replace the previous (and now spoiled) bag of spinach."

restocking a vegetable aisle in a grocery store

6."Huge weddings. Why drop $50k–$100k on an event? Yes, the memory is important but some folks drop ridiculous amounts when a much smaller one would be more intimate and not bankrupt someone."

people going to a wedding

7."In-app purchases in games."


8."Food delivery from third-party apps. Not only is takeout already expensive, you are paying a 10–20% upcharge on the menu, and then there's the fees and tip."

an uber eats delivery person

9.Vacations to kid-centered places with kids too young to appreciate them. I'm talking about taking a 1- and 2-year-old to Disney, for example. It's an expensive trip that they are not old enough to appreciate. I'm not talking about older kids and toddlers going as a family or that parents don't want to hang with their kids."


10."Multiple streaming services when you tend to just watch one. No brand loyalty here. I have one at a time and cancel before joining another."

apps on a screen of a smart tv

11."Over-priced drinking water in bottles. Sure there is a difference but the price doesn't justify the difference."


12."Coffee drinks. I have perfected the art of making one good cup of coffee at a time at home and when I did the math I realized I was spending $4–6 per day before and now I'm paying $0.75 per day without lines or apps or being asked how to spell my simple name or whatever."


13."Bottled water. Get a filter for your faucet or a Brita pitcher. You don’t need individual plastic bottles of water for the home."

water bottles

14."Warranties and insurance for literally anything where the replacement cost you can afford."


What do you think is a total waste of money that people still pay for? Share it with me in the comments below!