"The Rich Don't Need To": People Are Sharing Things That They Think Are Middle Class, And There's Some Fascinating Answers

Listen, class structures are real and imposed upon us by society and capitalistic structures. So it makes sense that people would identify certain things as "middle class."

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Redditor u/AutisticGuy789 recently asked the people of Reddit, "What is something uniquely middle class, that neither the poor nor rich experience?" Everyone's got opinions like these, and maybe you agree (or disagree) with a few of them:

1."Budgeting for holidays. The rich don't need to, and the poor can't afford holidays."


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2."Probably stressing about home ownership and mortgages. The rich probably already have multiple homes, and it's already beyond attainment for the poor."


3."Having a two-car garage that's so full of random shit that you can only get one car in it."


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4."Making choices on what to buy at the Book Fair."


5."Mowing the yard."


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6."As a kid, going on a roadtrip to somewhere fun — but the whole way there, you can only eat the food your mom packed from home. It's really sad when you're 9 years old and your family pulls over into the Burger King parking lot just so you all can eat the soggy sandwiches from the cooler."


7."Costco runs? Samples, a full cart, the food court. I’m guessing rich people don’t hang out here, but I don’t know."


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8."Saving for retirement."


9."Above-ground pools in the backyard."


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10."Massive college debt. The rich just pay for it, and the poor typically qualify for way more financial assistance. Of course, there are other debts associated with college, but if you have lower-middle income parents who don’t want to pay a dime for college, you are pretty fucked. I’d also include kids of rich people who don’t want to help with college, but they are more likely to have other relatives who might help."


11."Long roadtrips by car."


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12."Saving for kids’ college. The rich don’t have to, and the poor don’t have anything to save."


13."I think eating leftovers the next day or making casseroles is middle class. I have been in the poor category, and we did not have anything left over to eat the next day, and we never had a casserole. In the middle class, I have access to recipes and more money to combine foods."


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14."Tools. The poor can’t afford them, and the rich pay someone else to fix it."


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15."Low-end all-inclusive resorts. The rich avoid them for a higher-class experience; the poor can't afford them."


16."ONE extra bedroom that serves multiple purposes. It is a guest room/office/'home gym'/craft room/play room. In my experience with wealthy families, each of these things has its own room. Financially unstable families are unlikely to have an extra bedroom to spare."


17."Worrying about using your credit cards, even though you know you can pay them off."


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18."Chain sit-down restaurants."


19."Making monthly payments on your kid's braces."


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And finally...

20."Having enough."


Agree? Disagree? Have your own suggestions? See you in the comments!

These entries have been edited for length and clarity.