"The Dude Was Living A Double Life": 20 Times Couples Called Off Their Weddings For Wild Reasons

Not all weddings go off without a hitch. Some don't even happen at all! Others end pretty quickly after the actual ceremony, too. And the reasons why can be...very shocking.

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Redditor u/AnuragSINGH recently asked the people of Reddit, "What's the most absurd reason you've heard of someone canceling their marriage?" If you've been on the hunt for some cringe-inducing tales, get a load of these:

1."They realized after everything was already planned — the invites were even sent out — that they didn't like the date. They moved it to 2025 so that there wouldn't be a '4' in their wedding date."


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2."The dude was living a double life. He had a whole other family in a different state and said he traveled for work — but he was actually going back and forth between his family and his fiancée."


3."The bride ended up getting gangbanged at her bachelorette party by strippers. One of the bridesmaids filmed it and put it online. The bride's grandpa found it and told the groom."


4."The man was gay, and she was just his test to see if he could love a girl. She was heartbroken, but she had her suspicions about him."


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5."The best man said in his speech that he slept with the bride about two weeks before the wedding. All hell broke loose. The groom demanded that the marriage be canceled. It took a few days to get the truth out and for the groom to finally listen. The best man thought it would be a great prank. The groom was apologetic to the bride, but she didn’t forgive him because he believed in others’ lies and wouldn't let her talk."


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6."My family member left her husband after two months of marriage for constantly leaving his socks on the floor. To this day, she talks about what an amazing man and partner he was — if only he put his dirty socks in the hamper instead of on the floor."


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7."A guy I went to school with called off his engagement when his fiancée admitted she was pregnant with her dad's baby."


8."My cousin called it off three days in advance because the bride and groom couldn't agree on whether to hyphenate their last names, or to use his."


9."One of my friends was engaged and is Catholic. Her husband had to convert, and he had a dream where he was in a Catholic church as a priest. So he had a vision of becoming a priest, and now the wedding is off."


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10."The bride canceled the wedding a week before because she was a hardcore Disney adult, and she was offered a temp job at Disney and felt she 'couldn't miss the opportunity of her dreams.'"


11."My Italian uncle canceled his wedding because the bride's family (not Italian) would not serve lasagna at the wedding reception. He ended up marrying an Irish woman whose family was okay with serving lasagna at the reception."


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12."A friend of mine dated a guy for eight years — they were young, it started in high school. They had the wedding all planned and mostly paid for. A month before the wedding, she found him stealing her money and gambling with it. She ended up selling her dress on eBay and gave the ring back to his best friend, who, it turns out, paid for it. She then eventually married the best friend. They are still happily married over 10 years later, with a cute little boy."


13."My friend's former fiancé was a nice dude. He was a firefighter, he was easy to talk to, he treated her well, and he got her a nice ring. Every now and then, the ring would go missing, but he would eventually find it, safe and sound. She had a good job, too, and was giving him thousands of dollars a month to fix up a house they had bought to live in after they'd gotten married. It turns out that the dude was living two lives, or attempting to, at the very least. He had been married for over 10 years and had two kids, the engagement ring was his wife's, and he stole it back every now and then to 'find' it for her. There was never a house, he never bought one, and he used all the thousands he had been given solely on cocaine. Needless to say, they canceled the wedding."


14."I was going to be a guest at a wedding and found out it was canceled two weeks before the date. The bride found out that the groom had gotten a significant discount on the price of the venue, and she was insanely angry that anything at her wedding cost less than premium. Keep in mind, this was her dream venue that she had chosen. She was just mad that her fiancé was 'cheap,' or something. I was never super close to either of them, but the last I heard they never ended up getting married."


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15."They were scheduled to get married in 2021. During lockdown, the fiancé was out of work and went Q-Anon crazy. He didn’t want his future wife to get vaccinated. She did. That night, she woke up to him running a magnet over her body. He said he was seeing if she was chipped or magnetized by the vax, and he was happy that she wasn’t. She asked what he would do if he found it, and he said, 'Cut it out of you.' That was the last straw. The wedding was a couple of weeks away at that point, and they lost a ton of money, but she escaped."


16."My uncle and ex-aunt called off the wedding because 'God told them to wait' a month before the wedding. They lived across the country, so my parents had to fly with three children under 10 years old, and the tickets were non-refundable. My uncle called my dad with the new date, six months after the original date, and when my mom responded later, she said that she spoke to God, and he told her to bring her kids to Disney instead. My parents still joke about it today."


17."The groom insisted on wearing a costume from his favorite superhero movie to the wedding. The bride had envisioned a traditional and elegant wedding, but the groom was adamant about walking down the aisle dressed as a fictional character. The disagreement over the costume led to such a heated argument that they eventually called off the wedding entirely."


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18."My wife’s cousin canceled the wedding because they couldn’t agree on where to put used towels after showering. She would put a wet towel in the hamper after each shower. He couldn’t get past the fact that she was putting wet towels in the hamper, and that she only used the towel once."


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19."My brother called it off on the morning of the wedding. She was incredibly controlling, faked a pregnancy, and didn't want to meet any of his family even though she lived a mile away. Her mother got her to cancel the reception hall a week before because she wanted it at her house. Loads of people dropped out, and my brother felt the pressure. I thank the universe that he called it off. I doubt I would have seen him again. Wish he didn't do it on the day of, though!"


20."I was at the bachelor party when the text came in. Because we are super nerds, we decided on arcade-hopping around LA — I drove because I'm the sober friend. She was at her bachelorette party in Vegas, and around 9:30, he got four long-ass texts in a row. It turns out, after a group discussion with the girls, she didn't want to raise a 'child husband' and he would have to give up video games and Dungeons & Dragons and get adult hobbies. He said they should talk when she was back, and she said, 'Agree or no wedding.' He said, 'No wedding.' She was big mad. He would not discuss it when she got back, and she tried to tell him she was drunk and someone else sent the text and she didn't mean it. But man, that was a wild ride that night."


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