"I Was Incredibly Proud": People Are Sharing The Most Evil Thing They've Ever Done, And I Guess At Least They're Being Honest

Let's face it, we've all done some stuff we wish we didn't do. And some of that stuff might just be considered...evil.

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U/1234kyou_ recently asked the people of Reddit, "What was the most evil thing you ever did?" Some of these stories...yikes. At least y'all are being honest:

1."I hid someone's desktop icons and taskbar and switched the wallpaper into an image of the desktop with the icons. They couldn't figure out why nothing worked."


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2."I put olive oil on the toilet seat."


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3."You know those little popper things that you throw and they make a snap? Turns out if someone is the type that just drops into a toilet seat, they do go off if you put them between the rim of the bowl and the seat."


4."My friends and I used to gaslight other boys into thinking that if their left nut hung lower than the right, it was the sign of a serious condition. It was amazing how many of them would lie and say that it didn't to fit in and divert attention. I know not every left testicle hangs lower, but most do apparently, and we used this as a weapon to terrorize our peers. I feel bad about it."


5."I was on a bus from Edinburgh to London and the guy next to me was stinking, sleeping, and kept falling on to my chair. When we made a stop in middle of the night, I told him the bus would wait 45 minutes, but it was only 15 — so the bus left without him. When he realized what was happening, he tried to get the driver's attention by shouting and waving his hands. When that didn't work, he threw his shoe at the bus in the hope it would hit it — but it landed on the roof instead, and we drove away with it."


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6."A fart that cleared a room of 15 people in a matter of seconds. I was incredibly proud, but many told me it was evil."


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7."We wanted to see how fast people get drunk at a party if there's no alcohol. So we filled three out of the five vodka bottles with water and the tiniest bit of vodka and gave them out at the party. The other two bottles were hidden. It's safe to say that the placebo effect is a real thing, because two people threw up on our couch. They thought they had two bottles of vodka when it was actually about half a bottle — maybe less."


8."A tutor and I convinced a kid that fish weren’t real for a solid three hours."


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9."I convinced my little brother that the ice cream van only plays music when it's out of ice cream."


10."Growing up my younger sister was always unfair towards me. She was aggressive and loud, and would even get physical. I couldn’t stand up to her, as I was the calm 'bigger' sister. So I'd go to her bed and spit on her pillow every time she hurt me. I slept soundly knowing she was rubbing her face and hair in my spit all night."


11."I mixed all this fake puke at home and then I went to this movie theater, hid the puke in my jacket, climbed up to the balcony, made a throwing-up noise, and then I dumped it over the side, all over the people in the audience. All the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other. I never felt so bad in my entire life."


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12."I went to a Catholic school for 9 years. On the last day of 8th grade, I put a sticker on the bumper of a nun's car that said, 'I'm a freak, touch me.'"


13."My mom got home from grocery shopping. I helped her bring the bags in. I hid the Ben and Jerry's in the freezer, because if you didn't, you'd never get a spoonful in this house. We put everything away, and later that day she was looking for it. She yelled up asking if I saw it and I instinctively said 'No,' not thinking or asking what the hell she meant. She thought it was left at the store, and she was so mad that she took the receipt out of the garbage and went back to the store. I had to try to power-eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's and hide the container before she got home. The shit someone does for Phish Food."


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14."In 7th grade, copying during tests was a common thing. During a math test, I noticed a colleague of mine copying my test. We were allowed to have spare paper sheets where we could do our draft-calculus. Knowing this, I had the idea to do the whole correct answers on that draft sheet and then put the wrong and random ones on the main test paper with pencil. She copied the wrong ones and delivered the test. I then put the right ones on the main paper sheet and delivered the test. Never again did someone copy from me during written evaluations."


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15."I had a classmate who used to bully me. One day she came to school with this really fancy pen her dad gave her from his business trip. She bragged about it endlessly and mocked me daily for not being as rich as her. So, during a break, I faked needing to go to the bathroom, snuck into the classroom, stole her pen, and tossed it into a random trash can. When she realized it was missing, she flipped out and blamed me without proof. Our teacher scolded her as she dumped all my stuff out of my bag and ransacked my desk. She never found the pen and her dad refused to buy her anything expensive for years because she was too irresponsible. I still have no problem with what I did."


16."I poured milk in the open window of a lady's SUV in the dead heat of a Texas summer. I was 19 and driving down this one-way street with one lane on my way back from the grocery store. This lady in an SUV was tailgating me SO close that if I had to break for any safety reasons she would've rear-ended my car. She was honking and flashing her lights at me. She eventually got so angry that I was going the speed limit that she drove over the sidewalk, almost hitting a tree, and then she hauled ass down the road and did the same thing to another car 30 yards in front of me. I saw her car five minutes later, parking in a shopping center with the back right window down. I got milk from my grocery bag and poured it in into her window."


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17."A while ago, my mother was irrationally paranoid that the family would get arrested because my brother was streaming movies illegally. Meanwhile, brother was becoming a serious pain in the ass for other, very immature reasons, so I concocted a highly devious plan. I faked two letters — one from our internet provider and one from the FBI. I included IP addresses and internet account names, and I mentioned the illegal activity was coming from the extended modem (near his room) instead of the main one. I threatened legal action to all members of the household. put the letters in envelopes, and left them on the counter. I let my mother in on the prank, and she should've received an Oscar because her scolding performance was transformative."


18."Years ago, I shoveled cow manure into a guy’s car — a Firebird with T-Tops — because he touched my sister’s butt."


19."My aunt used to annoy me to let my little nephew play on my PS2 — so I got an old controller, 'plugged' it into the console, gave it to him, and played a game and pretended as if he was playing the game. He actually believed it."

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And finally...

20."I said a bunch of mean and hurtful things to someone that I love with all my heart."


Got your own devious tales? See you in the comments!

These entries have been edited for length and clarity.