People Are Sharing Jobs That Constantly Attract The Wrong People, And It's Pretty Eye-Opening

There are some jobs that just tend to attract the wrong people — and a lot of the time, it's because of misconceptions surrounding the job itself.

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U/Pesci_Avocado recently asked the people of Reddit, "What industry attracts the wrong people and actually aren't qualified?" There's some really interesting responses here, so read up:

1."Hospital administration. They are often business-oriented people with little to no experience in the health field. They have no idea what those on the front line actually do. For them, it's all about profitability."


2."Stockbrokers. I have some friends who are stockbrokers. I love them, but man, they are some bullshit artists. And not like, 'Oh, they're a good salesman, and could sell you anything.' They make shit up as they go along and try to sound confident in what they say."


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3."Law enforcement. It attracts bullies who claim to want to help people, but most of them don't care — and, worse, they don't have the right mentality. Of course, the job doesn't help. But the ones who end up hired are the ones who love using force on people or have a sadistic nature. They love causing problems for people. This is one of the things that has generated so much hatred for the police. They need better training and the correct attitude."


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4."Estheticians. Everyone thinks they know it all and are qualified individuals because they completed a 250-hour course."


5."Tech. People go into it for the high salaries and hate the work, and therefore, aren’t very good at it."


6."Professional photography. No, your Instagram photos of cats and sunsets do not qualify you to do professional studio work. It takes a hell of a lot of practice and learning to do that properly."


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7."Acting. Just like anything else, acting is a craft, and it takes training, practice, and experience to get good at it. But people think it's something you can, with no qualifications. The worst part is because of the weird way acting works, some of those people do end up getting work."


8."Veterinary medicine. Many people decide to go into it because they 'love animals.' That's not enough. You have to be able to deal with people, because you're going to be treating the pet AND educating the owner. You have to be able to multi-multi-multi-task, deal with gross/sad/terrifying/depressing/angry/stinky animals and people, all while holding your bladder for hours, starving, getting yelled at by clients, answering the phone, writing in charts, and trying not to forget all the stuff that you need to write down, order, put away, clean... It's not just 'playing with puppies and kittens all day.' Yes, I've been told that I was lucky to have that job, because that must be what I did."


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9."Handymen. Usually, it's people with zero actual training who think because they once built a deck with their friend that they are qualified to fix anything."


10."Teaching right now is so hard-up that it's pulling people who have no idea what they're doing, along with people who think teaching might be a nice career change. People are by and large unaware of how hard it is to teach, how much bullshit paperwork there is behind the scenes, and how much time you'll spend defending that you've done the job you've been hired to do. I see in a lot of people trying to either relive or rewrite their high school days. If they were cool, then they will make sure they are the cool teacher and undermine others. People who want to rewrite history will take pleasure in bossing kids around and will often take advantage of administrators taking an adult's word over that of a kid."


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11."Phlebotomy. Everyone thinks they can find a vein and put a needle in it, but in my 15 years of experience, you either have it or you don't. I've trained hundreds of people over the years, and only a handful would I call good — and even fewer of them would I consider to call when someone comes in and says nobody can ever get their blood. At least three times a day, someone tells me they can't find a vein on someone and I put a tourniquet on their arm and feel something in less than three seconds."


12."Law. 'I want to become a lawyer.' 'Oh, so you are interested in the field and want to know your rights and defend people?' 'No, I have heard people that work in law are smart and earn a lot of money.' I swear to god, some people whose work is to know laws don't know shit. Thank God so many quit before they get to practice what they were supposed to have learned."


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13."The tattoo industry. A lot of folks wanna be pirates or rockstars and don't actually have a good work ethic. They just wanna get rich and do whatever they feel like, instead of showing up on time and having their pieces ready ahead of the appointment. Also, art isn't for everyone (and that's OK!), especially with the added challenge of having a moving canvas and a vibrating drawing instrument. There's a lot of people who get into tattooing with zero artistic ability, and they just sorta stay there. No hate on them, just know where your skills lie."


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14."Government jobs. People get hired based on anything but experience, and we wonder why nothing can get done."


15."Life coaches. There is no licensing board for them that I know of."


16."People who open breweries. It's always some rich guy who has no idea how anything works and won't listen to anyone on how it should work. There are some utterly fantastic people who open breweries, but they've generally worked in them for a long time and know their stuff."


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17."The equine industry is full of people who don't have a damn clue what they're doing. It puts your life at risk, as well as the lives of other equine professionals."


18."Food manufacturing is super hard labor that attracts temp workers because the turnover is really high, creating desperation for anyone who will do the task. But having a completely uneducated workforce handling food safety causes lives to be lost every year to avoidable incompetence. The workers should be paid and treated better to stay long enough to train."


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19."Health insurance. They effectively get to play doctor without a degree when they decide whether or not you really 'need' a procedure that your doctor, the one who actually knows what's going on and the ramifications of not getting said procedure, can only proceed forward with if it's covered."


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