People Are Sharing The Disrespectful Things They See Others Do All The Time, And It’s Kinda Sad How Common These Are

Recently, Twitter user @yeezyree asked: "What immediately tells you that a person wasn't raised right?" From character flaws to disrespectful actions in public spaces, we shared allll the top responses in a recent post.


After sharing, the BuzzFeed Community had plenty of frustrating and disrespectful actions to add. And they pointed out that it's not necessarily always the parents to blame — sometimes people can just be shitty no matter how they're raised.

Commenter pointing out it doesn't always reflect on how someone is raised
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So, let's get into all the disrespectful, but frustratingly common actions people shared:

1."Having no situational awareness. Like people who leave their shopping carts in the center of the aisle, drive in the left lane on the highway when they're not passing anyone, or park in the handicap space when they're not handicapped."

An expensive car parked in a handicapped spot

2."People who change their minds on purchasing six packages of chicken breast only to dump them anywhere BUT their necessary spot in the grocery store. It forces the stores to trash the meat all due to pure laziness, arrogance, and selfishness. You are telling me that you are too damn lazy to return $75 worth of food simply because you don’t want to?? It’s just a shitty thing to do to everyone!"

A rotisserie chicken placed in a soap aisle

3."Also, if you have trash with you, be a decent human being and put it in the trash can as no one is PAID to pick up after you! This also applies to anyone shopping and leaving an entire area looking as if a bomb was dropped once you left the department. Employees are not paid enough to be picking up after you have destroyed an establishment."

A bunch of shoes strewn on the floor and left a mess by a customer

4."Not allowing people to get off the bus/train before you get on and/or not respecting the queue."


5."Not picking up their dog’s poop on walks."

A sign that requests someone pick up after their dog that is not doing so

6."Littering is always bad, but people who throw their trash out their car window especially irritate me. Like, I once was getting a ride somewhere from an acquaintance, and I finished my soda and was holding the empty cup, and she suggested just throwing it out the window. I literally thought to myself, 'Oh her parents raised her wrong!'"

Someone littering out a car window
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7."Letting your animals bother other people. Like letting your dog out 10 times a day because it barks too much, so now everyone else gets to feel rage in the morning too. Like, shit, what can I even do in that situation?? 🤦‍♂️"

u/J P

8."It’s so gross when someone who just used the bathroom stall (I’ve encountered this a lot in women's restrooms) leaves pee on the toilet seat! Why don’t they look and clean up after themselves when they go to flush?? This saying should be ingrained in us: 'If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat!'"

A public restroom
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9."To piggyback: people who don't wash their hands after using the restroom."

A sign requesting that all employees must wash hands before returning to work
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10."People that have no manners or awareness of others around them. I see this constantly, especially at the grocery store. Standing in the middle of the aisle with no urgency staring at something while three carts are trying to get by. Cutting in front of people brazenly. The list goes on and on."


11."People who think 'isms' never happen bc they’ve never experienced it. Iykyk."

A frustrated woman with her hands on her head
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12."How they treat animals. And, if they just throw the doggy poop bag in someone's yard/tree/bushes."

A doggy poop bag thrown out and attached on trees
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13."How they treat people to their faces, behind their backs, or behind a screen. The world has become ruthless and everyone is looking for their viral moment, sometimes at the expense of others."


14."Inability to share. If I bring a dozen donuts for six people to share, don’t eat four of them yourself."

A box of donuts to share
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15."Was sharing a desk with another employee who left his nail clippings and dental picks behind the monitor and toe nail clippings all over the floor. Nothing his supervisor or HR did stopped him. After documenting it for several weeks I was able to get him moved to another desk. Beyond disgusting!"

Nail clippings on the ground of an office floor under a desk

16."Raising their voice and resorting to altercation when they are not getting what they want. I believe that when you start yelling in an argument you know you’ve lost so now you’re throwing a tantrum. Emotional maturity gets you everywhere."


17."People who get up from a table and don’t push their chair back in. Or touch food they’re not going to take. That’s basic shit. That’s kindergarten level courtesy. And yet I see this all the TIME."

Chairs not pushed in at what appears to be a library or public space

18."Slamming doors. Most of my neighbors slam their front doors to close them no matter the time of day (someone just did it as I’m typing and it’s 1:30 a.m.). It always leads me to wonder: were you raised in a barn?! We all have the same exterior doors and somehow I manage to make sure it’s closed without bothering everyone in a four-block radius."

Someone shutting or opening a car door
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19."People who virtue signal or think that by saying the right words/phrases, you are therefore a good person. You're a good person because of your actions, not because you know the 'right' language to use."


20."People who wheelie bike or motorcycle down the center of the road in traffic, terrorizing cars, not scared of police whatsoever."

A motorcycle weaving through traffic
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21."Not realizing that not everyone wants to listen to your shitty music out loud. Use earphones (for the people who play music from their phones or through mini speakers in public)."

A person playing music out loud from their phone
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22."Not stopping and moving out of the way for emergency vehicles. I watched five cars blow through a light while a fire truck was trying to turn."

An ambulance racing by
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23."People who ask you for financial help and don't re-pay you until you say something. If someone pays something for me, I immediately discuss how I will pay my debt. I don't like debt and I want it settled immediately."


24.And finally, "I bristle at people mistreating service workers. I will apologize for them…ideally within earshot of them. Few things indicate classlessness like entitlement."

Service worker and customers arguing
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Let me know if you have any others to add in the comments!