19 Ways People's Lives Changed For The Better Proving 10 Years Can Make A Huge Difference

As the popular saying goes: "The only thing constant is change." Growing up, you go through all sorts of phases, friends, challenges, and adventures, so it's obvious that who you are now can totally differ from who you were years ago.

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Recently, Reddit user DontBruhMeBrah asked, "What's the biggest difference between you now and 10 years ago" and the responses proved a lot can change for a person over the course of a decade. Here are some of the most memorable realizations:

1."I'm no longer trying to please people by being like them. I'm finally setting boundaries and pursuing my own passions, meeting new people, and enjoying life as it's found."

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2."I had cancer 10 years ago. Cancer-free now!"


3."Less hair but 45 pounds lighter and even ran four 10Ks."

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4."No longer living in the closet and proud of who I am."


5."10 years ago I was a barista. Now I'm a coffee shop owner."

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6."I have a lot more self-respect. And better tools for handling anxiety."


7."I used to care too much about what other people thought of me, now I don't."

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8."I'm far more sure of who I am nowadays. I don't get crippling social anxiety like I used to back then."


9."I was kind of a loser, had no plan, and was going nowhere. Can't say if I'm a winner yet, but I have my own house now, and I'm self-reliant."

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10."I'm six years sober. 10 years ago I was a mess."


11."10 years ago I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, couldn't go out on my own, and had to drop out of college after only attending for a week. Now, I'm on a medication that works, regularly go out and interact with people, strangers included, and I am back at the same college but as a trainee counsellor. 10 years can do a lot."

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12."I'm working at a level I never thought I'd be working at. I thought I'd be slugging away in an entry-level job. I was content doing that. Life pushed me in a different direction and I embraced it."


13."Getting better about being happy with myself."

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14."Mental health. I'm in a much better place. At 21, I wanted to not exist anymore, I hated myself. I still don't have a good view of myself at times but I fight it. I'm getting married in 20 days to someone who made me see my worth."


15."I enjoy being alone and taking care of myself. Thought that to be impossible back then!"

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16."I'm a hell of a lot smarter. I'm still dumb as f--k but I was even dumber back then."


17."I've learned how to set boundaries, go after what I want, and not be a damn martyr all the time."

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18."My attitude. 10 years ago people described me as cold, but a few weeks ago, someone commented on how warm my presence was."


19."10 years ago my life was uncertain. Single and in [the] early years of my career with no target future in mind. I'm now happily married with kids, living in an area I like (which I would have not dreamed of 10 years ago), and travel frequently for leisure. If you tell the me [that's] 10 years younger this will be the life I'll be living in 10 years' time, I'll call it B.S. So I guess for everyone who is feeling uncertain about your life now, don't give up. Your best is yet to be."

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How have you changed who you are now vs. today 10 years? Tell us about it in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.