"I Have Never Felt More Repulsed By Someone So Fast": 17 Outrageous Things People Actually Uttered Out Loud After Just Meeting Someone

Have you ever met someone new and they said something so outrageous that you instantly didn't want to continue the conversation anymore?

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Well, you're not alone. Reddit user u/[deleted] asked: "Have you ever listened to someone talk for less than a minute and immediately felt like you wouldn't get along with them? What did they say?" and the responses are wild. Here's what they had to say below:

1."A friend introduced me to a stranger at a party and said we should get along great since we were both into music. The stranger was in a band, and I used to work as a sound/lighting tech. He asked why I quit music, and I told him I got sick of working every single weekend and making garbage pay. I enjoy shows far more as an attendant than a worker. He responded: 'Oh, you don't love music, which is ok. It's just if you really loved music, you would have stuck it out. For me, I couldn't live without music. It's just different.' It took about 15 seconds of conversation to realize the dude was fucking insufferable."

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2.“'I already decided what to order, and sorry not sorry if you’re offended, but we’re gonna eat what I’m ordering. You’ll thank me for it.' This was a person I was meeting for the first time."


3."A guy at work introduced himself as an alpha male who 'sets the tone around here' and has his 'choice of fanny.' I laughed in his face thinking it was a poor attempt at humor. He was dead serious. He hasn't spoken to me since, and I'm cool with that. Since a few people found this funny like me, it might be fun to add that I'm an ex-police officer who has a good 5–6 inches of height on this guy and a good 40 lbs in weight. On reflection, he clearly thought I was some sort of challenge to his domain; in reality, he's a sad little man who's a sexual harassment perpetrator in the making."

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4."I heard a 20-year-old girl at my job trying to talk down to another guy because he's in his 40s with no kids. 'You're 40 with no kids! What do you know about the world?' in the most hateful tone. I've never spoken to her before and never will."


5."I can tell almost immediately by the way a customer walks up to the register whether or not they're going to be an asshole."

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6."Anyone who uses the volume of their voice to substitute for knowledge or personality."


7."My old French teacher in eighth grade. It took her not even five minutes for us to hate her. 'I don't like any of you; I'm not your friend but only a teacher to annoying brats. You'll do as I say when I say it, and complainers get a six (which is equivalent to an F) for this class.'"

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8."I don’t like Company Men or people who defend the company and higher-ups to no end. For example, in a meeting one time, an experienced Company Man started ripping into someone who worked in another department in front of everyone over a trivial thing that had no effect on the Company Man. After the meeting, I expressed an opinion that the person was being rude, condescending, and unprofessional to a couple of coworkers that were in the room. They started defending said behavior, and it instantly turned me off. Turns out corporate agreed with me, and that person has since 'retired.'"


9."She was in a writer's group. The comment was made that Finnigans Wake by James Joyce is a classically difficult book to get through. She opened with: Actually, she found it very easy. In fact, a friend of hers was a lecturer at a nearby famous university, and he often came to her for insights into Joyce's work. I suspected immediately she was a narcissist, pathological liar. I was right. She earned the nickname amongst the group of '11,' as in if you said you'd been to Tenerife, Spain, she would say she had been to Eleven-arife."

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10."We were at a wedding, and Stone Temple Pilots came on. My sister's new boyfriend said, 'Ugh, I hate Eddie Vedder's voice so much.' She married him, and he's a total asshole."


11."It's usually the people who immediately just start saying things like, 'I just call it as I see it,' or 'I'm just being honest.' Stuff like that, which is really just a way they like to justify themselves as being an asshole or overly judgmental. The people who are proud of being brutally honest care more about the brutality than the honesty."

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12."My husband's new boss's wife. We were talking about the men working hard because they do a physically demanding job, and she started talking about how 'stupid her husband is' and just generally talking bad about his intelligence, which immediately put me off of her. I thought the general rule was united front in public, talk shit in private. That and whenever I'm in her car, and we are alone, she talks about hot guys and other men that she finds attractive, like, FREQUENTLY. Maybe I'm broken, but I don't look at other people in a sexual way besides my husband, so I just make an obviously awkward laugh and change the subject."


13."'I believe that I have a much more developed palate than most people,' a guy who was at a table next to me said when I said that oysters aren't my cup of tea."

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14.'Everywhere's hiring, but nobody wants to work!' If I wasn't over there trying to ask to borrow a car so I could get to work myself, I'd have set them straight. Hell no, nobody WANTS to work! But, since we HAVE to, some things just aren't worth what they're paying!"


15."After Hurricane Sandy, I spent a lot of weekends cleaning out houses. It is difficult and backbreaking work, but also terribly sad because we just bring snow shovels into houses and throw everything away. What used to be someone's home, their whole life is now stinking, moldy garbage. I was talking to a woman at a Christmas party about how difficult Hurricane Sandy was, and she said, 'I don't feel like I have had enough recognition for how I suffered! I called the mayor, I called the governor, and no one cares about my suffering.' So I thought I would talk to her about it:"

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16."I had a situation like this during a break at work. I'm a pretty pro-sustainability and environmental protection person. My enamel-coated coffee mug even has the logo of a local environmental protection group. One coworker from a different department saw my mug and completely lost it, asking if I was being serious. He went on a rant about how much he hates that the local park has way too many birds and that they should all be shot for defecating everywhere. I became instantly silent, and he noticed my discomfort and basically called me weak for caring about the environment. I'm not seeking validation because I know that I'm right, but I have never felt more repulsed by someone so fast."


17."I sent a POTENTIAL girlfriend (we've been talking for a while now) a video of a rabbit getting into my netted blueberry bush area, captioning it with, 'Aww, look at this bunny. He's so cute, but he got into the blueberries!' She replied with: 'Awww, but who caresss.' I don't think I will be pursuing her, to be honest. What kind of response is that?!"

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Have you ever met someone and instantly realized you wouldn't get along with them? Tell us what happened and why you felt that way in the comments below: