People Are Revealing Why That "One Kid" In Their School Got Expelled, And The Stories Are Reaaalllyy Not What I Was Expecting

It's been *ahem* a while since I've been in school, and while I don't remember in the slightest how to do a geometric proof, you better believe I remember all the drama. I definitely thought my formative years were filled with wild grade school stories — that was until I came across u/Stupid_ginger_girl's thread asking members of the r/AskReddit community, "Why did that one kid get expelled?" Here are some of the most jaw-dropping stories people had to share:

1."We were playing kickball in gym class and a kid kicked his shoe off, and his bag of weed came flying out right at the teacher's feet!"

A kid playing kickball

2."This student grew up doing Muay Thai, boxing, and wrestling. He forgot where he was during a wrestling match and threw a spinning back fist that knocked his opponent clean out. He was completely mortified once he realized what he did."

"He was a straight-A student, star athlete, and genuinely good guy. The class president even addressed it and organized protests and walkouts until he was reinstated. Even the guy who got knocked out and his parents forgave him and supported us. He did get reinstated but wasn't allowed to wrestle or box anymore. Not sure what the coaches pulled to allow him to play football. He eventually quit football, too, his senior year and was never really the same."


3."He peed on a teacher who wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom."

Someone raising their hand in a classroom

4."Shelly was a girl in my sister's grade when we were in high school. It was a VERY strict Christian school. Shelly and Chris got caught kissing on campus. They got expelled, and all of us in junior high and high school had to congregate for a student assembly so Chris and Shelly could each publicly apologize in a speech to all of us for kissing on campus."

"Years later, there was understandably a state of upset among other students as two teachers were caught kissing on campus while others kept walking around them. And nothing bad happened to the teachers — there were rules for the kids that the adults did not have to follow."


5."He ran through the cafeteria at lunch naked with a backpack on that he'd set on fire."

Students getting their lunch in the cafeteria

6."Downloading porn on the school computers was the last straw. He even used his own login."


7."It happened in kindergarten. There was a kid named Dexter who had severe anger issues. Every day, a small group of kids would get certain 'jobs' to do around the classroom, such as line leader, table cleaner, etc. Dexter got the table cleaner position, and he was absolutely livid because he wanted to be line leader. What started off as a screaming fit escalated into him throwing scissors around the class, biting the teacher's hand, shattering a window with his flying scissors, breaking the tank that housed the class gerbils, and just trashing the entire classroom."

Young children sitting on the floor of a classroom

8."So it didn’t happen to me, but my friend was expelled for taking a shit in the teacher's purse."


9."The final straw was when he lit a cigarette in French class and refused to put it out. Smoked it all. He was 13. I see him every now and again, and he’s a mess."

A "No Smoking" sign against a brick wall

10."He lifted up his shorts and exposed his balls through the leg hole to the principal while said principal was escorting potential investors in the school."


11."During morning announcements, he ran into the office, grabbed the intercom mic, and yelled, 'Fuck her right in the pussy!'"

Two speakers against a wall

12."He put a picture of his penis in the yearbook, which led to an investigation that ultimately landed him and three buddies in jail."


13."They got drunk on contraband screwdrivers at lunch, went to driver's ed, and crashed into some school buses parked on the driving course."

The side of a school bus

14."He kept getting caught having sex in the gymnastics room. They literally had cameras in the room, and he kept bringing girls there between classes. He got caught like five times before he got expelled."


15."In middle school, there was this dude who was just a little obnoxious throughout the year but nothing major, from what I saw. Then one day, out of the blue, the whole school was required to change their passwords because the guy got ahold of a teacher's password and logged into a computer to change his grades."

A hacker wearing a hoodie in front of multiple computer screens

16."We had one kid in high school who shit on a table, and another kid ate it. The shitter got expelled, but not the eater. There was a group of a few guys who thought it was cool to do things like this for reactions."


17."The dude smoked a joint in the school’s pool area, claiming that 'the chlorine will mask the scent of the weed.' He was caught within five minutes of sparking it."

An indoor swimming pool

18."We had what we called 'the mad pooper.' He pooped in the hallways three times before he was caught and expelled. Our school newspaper covered it every time: 'The mad pooper strikes again.'"


19."He made cupcakes laced with laxatives and gave one to the principal and vice principal. We all knew he put laxatives in before he offered them a cupcake. Soon after, both principals were missing for the day."

A tray filled with different cupcakes

20."He stole his grandparents' car in the middle of the night, picked up his girlfriend, and tried to drive from California to Colorado to watch the X Games. The funny thing is that the X Games were on a tape delay, so even though they were on TV, they had happened a couple of weeks earlier. They made it all the way to Colorado before being found by police. He wasn’t allowed to come back to our school. We were like 13 or 14 at the time."

Someone's hand on the steering wheel of a car

21."They were adding on to the high school in a big way: new gym, new cafeteria, new auditorium. Dumbass broke into the construction site and took the forklift on a joyride where there were plenty of security cameras. Set construction back months with all the damage he did."


22."He sprayed the fire extinguisher in the principal's face after they called him short."

A fire extinguisher on a wall

23."He kicked me in my back so that I'd land in a bush of those spiky ball things. Jokes on him: I overproduce histamine, so my back created a perfectly identical imprint of his shoe. They called him to the office to verify the match and he was expelled."


24."He set toilet paper on fire in the bathroom on one of the coldest days, causing the entire school to evacuate and sit in warm school buses for about half the day before they finally just sent us home."

Stalls in a bathroom

25."It was me. It was 2002, and I was in geometry class. The teacher, who was a total tool and jerk, gave us a surprise exam. I didn’t want to do it, so I got on one of the class PCs and sent his PC a pop-up message from the command prompt saying, 'Hey, you should look under your car.' In hindsight, this already was a bad idea. But combine that with the fact it was right after 9/11 in a foreign country on a US Army base, and you’ve upgraded to a nuclear-bad idea. EOD, SWAT, and military police were called and closed the school down."

"I got ratted out by the class because I was 'the only one who would know how to do that.' Twenty-two years later, I work in IT making six figures, so I guess it was meant to be."


26."As a teacher, I've seen expulsions for knives, drugs, and violent assaults, but the most unusual one has to be the kid who pulled the fire alarm, got the whole school onto the field, then climbed up onto the roof and did a performance with the whole school out watching."

A fire alarm against a wall

Do you have any wild stories of other students (or maybe even you) getting expelled? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.