People reveal the sad moment they realised their relationship was over

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It’s one of the hardest things to go through and now people are speaking out about the moment they just had enough and knew it was time to breakup with their partner.

In a heartbreaking post on the forum Quora, a whole host of people have relayed their devastating stories about ending their relationships – some after spending 26 years together.

For some people the spark fizzled out naturally, while others tell tales of being cheated on and being stuck in abusive relationships.

One woman told of how she knew she had to make a change one night when she was washing the dishes.

People are speaking out about how they ended their relationships. Photo: Friends

She got pregnant and married the man, only to claim she was ‘coerced’ into staying with him despite his abusive and threatening ways.

“One night he walked into the kitchen while I was washing the dishes. He started talking to me, and I decided to ignore him,” she wrote.

“After hearing him start to yell, I calmly turned to him with a blank stare and said: I don’t care.

“At that moment, I realized I was no longer afraid of him or what he might do. I was tired, and I had had enough.”

Another woman said that while she actually didn’t have a ‘clear’ reason to leave, ‘emotional and verbal abuse are also very, VERY valid reasons’.

“If you don’t like someone talking to you in a particular way and make that known but they still do it, then that communicates how much they care about you,” she said.

“They don’t respect you. The fact is that the both of us emotionally and verbally abused each other when we had arguments, and that was something we both were guilty of tolerating, to the relationship’s detriment.”

In another heartbreaking story, a woman told of her partner’s infidelity and how it ended with him getting the other woman pregnant.

After 13 years together, three children and one on the way, the woman said she was willing to still make her relationship work if her partner cut ties with the other woman and only got partial custody of their child.

The heartbreaking post has gone viral on Quora. Photo: Getty Images

However, after he refused to do both, she decided to end things, claiming she had been ‘fighting for a life of misery with a monster’.

The stories continued, with one woman saying she overheard her husband of 26 years turning their son against her and teaching him how to be ‘nasty, snide and disrespectful’.

“I had had enough,” she said.

“26 years of patronizing disdain, being treated as a “less than”. 26 years of being held to an impossible standard of perfection in my form and in my character. I wasn’t ambitious enough, I wasn’t thin enough – but when I lost weight, then I was bony and he didn’t like that either. I didn’t measure up to anything in his eyes and I was ‘just a housewife’.”

One man told how he was having a conversation with his wife one night when she suddenly made the nasty comment about how he had never measured up to her ex-boyfriend.

“I simply asked her ‘Jackie, do you still love me’. I thought the question was quite frankly a yes or no question. She turned to me, took a sip of her coffee, and said ‘Do you understand that there are no black or white answers, but shades of grey?’,” he wrote.

A month later he left her and they got divorced.

His wife tried to get back together with her ex, however he was having none of it.

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