People are loving Aerie's campaign featuring models with disabilities

Underwear brand Aerie is continuing its mission of celebrating real beauty.

The American Eagle label’s latest campaign for its intimate apparel line features models with various conditions, such as Type 1 diabetes, vitiligo, Down syndrome, fibromyalgia, cancer, and more. 

A new Arie campaign showcases models living with various disabilities, conditions, and illnesses. (Photos: Aerie)

And the brand is quickly on it’s way to winning over thousands of fans with many people already taking to Twitter to point out how relatable the campaign is.

Not only are the women featured in the advertisements, but they’re also the models on the website for the articles of clothing. 

The beautiful images — which send an even more beautiful message — are receiving praise on social media, as many women are seeing themselves represented by a mainstream fashion brand.

Evelyn McConnell, 17, who uses a wheelchair, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that while she wants to see people who look like her in the media, she rarely does.

“Seeing someone who looks like me modelling for a prominent clothing brand is more special than I could ever explain. It reminds me that there are no limits on what I can do with my future,” she says.

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