People are losing it over this latest beauty trend called butt masking

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

We all know face masks can do wonders for our pores, but now there is a new beauty trend involving another body part, which has completely exploded on Instagram.

‘Butt masking’ is the newest addition to the craze of obtaining the perfect insta-booty.

If you haven’t seen the ads pop up on your social media yet, you probably will soon.

US based company Anese has released various beauty products aimed specifically at your behind.

“We’re making booty masking a thing,” the website reads.

 The Down With Thickness Collagen Booty Mask, costs $35 and has already gained a legion of fans online.

They also offer another scrub called That Booty Tho.

According to the description on the site, the product aims to “condition your booty, targets stretch marks, cellulite, combats acne and helps with scars or discolouration”.

It’s also vegan, fragrance free, cruelty free.

Despite the hype there are many that have slammed the product, telling people they shouldn’t buy into the idea of requiring a mask for your behind.

“Hope you people don’t believe this,” one person commented on a Facebook ad for the product.

“Or you can drink water and exercise,” another suggested.

“Might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen,” said another skeptic.

Others however were firmly convinced.

“I used this once and the results, omg guys,” was one woman’s enthusiastic response.

“Another product I want to try,” said another.

“Love this stuff,” a person wrote.

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