People are feeling old after seeing Generation Alpha struggle to open CD

The youngest generation is beginning to make people feel old, as they proved they cannot figure out how to take a CD out of its case.

A woman named Shannon, who goes by the username @swiftiebabies13 on TikTok, filmed three tweens as they attempted the feat with text on the screen that read: “Baby Swifties learning what a CD is…” In the video, all three of them are seen struggling to remove a Taylor Swift CD from its case as Shannon decides not to help them.

The tweens in the video appear to be members of Generation Alpha, which is the group of people born directly after Generation Z, meaning between the years 2010 and 2024. As they attempt to remove the CD, one of the tweens lifts up a side of the CD while another could be heard saying that the middle might be “a button”.

“You guys are making me laugh,” Shannon says in the background. “This is how we listened to music.”

One of the girls then decides to give up, just as another girl manages to get the CD out by pressing on the plastic circle in the middle.

Since first being posted on 28 October, Shannon’s video has received over two million views and over 6,000 comments, as people questioned how the three girls had managed to never open a CD or even DVD. “Not one DVD since birth?” one commenter questioned.

Another commenter joked that she should see how the three of them would react when given a record or vinyl. “Bring them back a vinyl and tell them it enlarged because of the heat of the sun or something,” they commented.

Other commenters mentioned the years they were born, highlighting how young they are, while admitting the TikTok still made them feel old. “I feel old and I’m only 17,” one commenter wrote.

A second commenter agreed, writing: “I’m a 2005 baby and I feel old. What the.”

“Nah cause they’re only like 13 right!? I shouldn’t feel this old at 20,” a third person agreed in the comments section.

This video was one of the rare times when a younger generation was the ones being poked fun at. Earlier this year, another TikTok went viral after showing Gen Z making fun of the way millennials wear sunglasses.

Influencer Jordan Harper took to TikTok to expose the “bullying” she’s received for how she wears her sunglasses. “Tough to keep up with the trends these days,” she captioned her video.

“I just want to let you know what kind of just absolute bullying I’ve been receiving all day,” Harper began her video, as she was seen tanning by the pool with friends. “The way I wear my sunglasses isn’t good enough for these people.”

The girl sitting next to Harper started laughing, and described the way Harper wore her sunglasses as a “PR nightmare.” Harper then showed viewers how she typically wears her sunglasses, completely up on the bridge of her nose.

Her friend, who is assumed to be Gen Z, chimed in by telling Harper that her sunglasses are “so shoved into [her] face” and that she looks like “the dad that wears a visor”.

According to her, the correct way - or the more Gen Z way - to wear sunglasses is further down on the bridge of the nose, making sure your eyebrows are exposed.

Harper ended the TikTok by asking viewers which way they wear their sunglasses: the Gen Z or “normal way”, or “the dad” or millennial way.