24 Times Regular People Saw Celebs "In The Wild" And Walked Away Loving Them Even More

We recently shared some memorable stories of celebrity encounters that we received from BuzzFeed Community members, and the comments filled with even more stories of heartwarming celeb interactions. Similar stories are also all over Reddit, so we pieced together some of the coolest and kindest celebrity interactions that people shared.

1."I met James Marsden at a restaurant in LA in 2017, and man, he's so awesome. I was there during my cousin's bachelorette weekend. He and his girlfriend bought us a round of shots and did them with us. Then they continued to hang out and chat with us. He gave my cousin his email address to send an invite to her wedding. Nothing ever came from it, but overall, the whole situation was so much fun."


Close-up of James smiling in a suit and tie at a media event
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2."Amy Poehler. I saw her sitting on a train in Manhattan. She was sitting right across from me, and when she saw my shocked face, she smiled and waved at me. We got off on the same stop, so I told her that I loved her work. She told me I was very cute, and she hugged me."


Close-up of Amy smiling at a media event
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3."I met Jack Harlow a year ago at an album signing. He's from my hometown, and I spent about four hours in the line. When I went in and met him, he looked at and spoke to me like I was the only person in the room, and he told me I looked wonderful. He was truly a sweetheart."

im just ken!!

Close-up of Jack in a turtleneck at a media event
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4."A few weeks ago, I was up in Seattle for the Taylor Swift concert, and my sister, friends, and I ran into Haim on a street corner the night before the first show. We went up to talk to them and they were incredibly kind. They offered to get a photo with us and stood there talking to my group for about 10 minutes, and they probably would've kept talking if other fans hadn't come up to take pictures. My little sister had the most hilarious conversation with Este about men who love to bike. She even gave me a hug once she found out we were sisters and said, 'We love sisters here.' We also got to give them their first friendship bracelets from the tour! Overall, by far the greatest celebrity interaction I've had."


Haim performing onstage
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5."I spotted Terry Crews running up Hollywood Boulevard in basketball clothes shooting some sort of sketch for one of the late-night shows. In between takes, I told him I really enjoyed his comedic performance in Friday After Next. At this point, that's pretty much all I had seen. He gave me a handshake and brought me into a hug, and he gave me so much gratitude and eye contact, and he had a genuine laugh."


Close-up of Terry smiling at a media event
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6."I was at a bar in Chicago and was with a bunch of my friends, and just happened to be asked what time it was, so I quoted Paul Rudd from Forgetting Sarah Marshall: 'I don't know. I quit wearing a watch when I moved out here.' My buddy cracked up and I got a nudge from the guy next to me, who happened to be Paul Rudd himself!"


Close-up of Terry smiling in a suit and tie at a media event
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7."My mom saw Liam Neeson in a bar and went up to say hi to him. When she did, a waiter tried to tell her the bar was closed. Liam intervened and said she was a friend and pulled up a chair for her. He then talked to her for 15 minutes. A really nice guy."


Close-up of Liam at a media event
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8."John Cena is an angel on Earth. He came into my job three different nights in a row a while back. Super friendly, cool to the kids who were in the lobby, and just an all-around class act. One night, he was running late for his reservation and personally called to apologize. Most celebrities have someone else call for them and don't care about being late, so for him to call from his personal cellphone and apologize like he was just a regular Joe was really sweet to me. Our regular guests aren't even that considerate."


Close-up of John smiling in a suit and tie at a media event
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9."Tom Hardy. Met him at the Venom premiere. All the other actors signed one or two autographs or took pictures. Tom started at the beginning of the line of people waiting and took pictures and signed autographs for all of them. He was there for an hour."


Close-up of Tom smiling at a media event
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10."I met Charles Barkley at the TGI Fridays on City Line Avenue in Philly on a Friday afternoon. He was buying drinks and talking to anyone who wanted to talk to him. Very nice. Very friendly. It was when he still played for the 76ers. Cool experience."


Close-up of Charles smiling in a suit at a media event
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11."I met Tom Felton at a comic con. I had previously read his book, Beyond the Wand, and could tell he was a genuine guy. I had signed up for a photo op. If you've ever done a photo op at a comic con, you know they herd you in and out like cattle, and you barely have time to speak to them. I also got word he hadn't eaten all day and didn't take any breaks so he could meet all of his fans. You could tell he really wanted to have a conversation with people, rather than a 'hi and bye.' Most people before me barely looked at him because it was such a fast interaction!"

"When I approached Tom, I looked him right in the eye and said an enthusiastic, 'Hi!' He looked me in the eye too and immediately smiled. He said, 'You seem so friendly!' He pulled me in real tight for our photo op. I'll never forget how friendly he was, and he didn't seem exhausted at all when meeting hundreds of people after not eating all day."


Close-up of Tom smiling at a media event
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12."I was at comic con one year and asked a question in a bullying panel once (I was like 12), and after it was over, there was a line to talk to me afterward. I don’t really know why, but it happened. Joe Gatto from Impractical Jokers waited at the back of that line for at least 45 minutes. He gave me a hug and told me to be brave and keep pushing on. Then he talked to my mom for a while before we finally left. He took a picture with me and everything. Still the best celeb experience I’ve had."


Joe smiling onstage and speaking into a microphone
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13."Susan Sarandon! My uncle was crew on Thelma & Louise and said she was one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth people he’s ever met! She often bought rounds for the crew at the local bar and apparently tells some great dirty jokes."


Close-up of Susan waring a blouse
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14."I’ve met dozens of celebrities, but the most memorable and positive interaction was with Henry Cavill. He is not only the handsomest man on the planet but is also very warm, charming, kind, genuinely friendly, and very intelligent! He speaks to you as though you’re the only person in the room. He’s very gentlemanly and polite. Not at all arrogant or dismissive. He smells amazing, too! I met him before he was Superman and again after, and the fame did not change him a bit! He’s the loveliest person!"


Close-up of Henry at a media event
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15."I was at a taping of Tim Curry and Annie Potts's short-lived television series, Over the Top. Even though they were very strict about audience members going to the bathroom during a live taping, I could not help it. It was an emergency. So a page had to walk me to the side of the set, and who is waiting in the wings? Tim Curry. I was wearing a very bright Superman hockey jersey, and he looked over to me and said, 'Young man? That is just a super shirt.' He had a wicked twinkle in his eye and he gave me that slightly beautiful, Dracula-like half laugh. I don't even care if he was busting my chops. It was an amazing interaction and the man is a treasure."


Close-up of Tim at a media event
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16."I was in Boston once, and who walked past me on the street? Nancy and Steve Carell! I made eye contact with them and said, 'Hi, Nancy, hi, Steve!' and they both smiled and walked on. My wife asked me why I didn’t ask for a pic or to chat, and I said I imagined they wanted some time together, so I didn’t want to cause a public spectacle. What happened two seconds later? Some drunk fool screamed, 'Hey, Michael! Where’s Dwight?!'"


Close-up of Nancy and Steve smiling at a media event with paparazzi behind them
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17."I served a few different celebs at a smoothie bar I worked at in LA. Chris Martin from Coldplay was one of the nicest people. He tipped like $80 on a $14 smoothie. He talked to us about his show the previous year in LA. Tall as hell. Warm smile. Jason Bateman was also very down-to-earth. He needed a lot of help with the menu and ended up just getting the same thing as his wife, haha."


Chris performing and smililng, and Jason smiling at a media event
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18."My friend got to meet Doug Jones (aka my favorite creature actor) at a comic con a few years ago and said he's the absolute nicest guy! Every time I've tweeted him, he's been so kind and taken the time to respond!"

Shearly Sam

Close-up of Doug smiling at a media event and wearing a suit and bejeweled tie
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19."A long, long time ago, my sister, friend, her mom, and my mom went to see Kenny Rogers. My mom and my friend's mom loved him, so we surprised them. It wasn't a huge theater, and Garth Brooks opened for him. He was just starting out, and I wasn't into country music, so I didn't know who he was. After the show, Garth was in the lobby just chatting with everyone. We all got to meet him and spoke for a while. He was very sweet. A year or two later, he hit it big."


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20."Mel Brooks is a gem. My fiancé and I met him, and he was so personable, kind, and cool. Just so lovely."


Close-up of Mel smiling and sitting on a sofa with his hands raised
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21."Lynda Carter regularly shopped at my store in the '90s and was always lovely. She practically lived in that mall and was well known throughout. We always instructed our new associates that if she came in, they were never to call out to her that she was Wonder Woman."


Close-up of Lynda smiling at a media event
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22."Tom Sturridge is the nicest person who has ever lived. Such a genuinely kind, gentle, patient, understanding man and an absolute joy."


Close-up of Tom smiling at a media event
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23."I met Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman at a Starbucks once, and they were really nice. He saw I was reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and he was asking about it because he thought it was an interesting title."


Close-up of Keith and Nicole at a media event
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24.And this: "Just came here to make sure Henry Winkler got his recognition. I've met him several times, and he's always been amazing. He remembered me the second time and remembered my name the third time. He took about 5 to 10 minutes each time we met to talk to me properly. On our first meeting, he realized I was having problems with English and realized I was deaf, so he switched over to sign language instead. The second time we met, he automatically started signing. Absolute delight of a man — couldn't love him more."

Radar's Teddy

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Have you ever met a celebrity? Were they even nicer than you expected?? Tell us in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.