PDF by Domenico Formichetti Show Was All About Community

TIGHTENING TIES: On Saturday night, streetwear brand PDF by Domenico Formichetti held its latest show in the industrial backdrop of Ex Macello in Milan, mixing the fashion presentation format with music performances.

“The reference for this format was the Super Bowl. During the time out and the performance I thought, ‘Why don’t I do the same in Milan? Like a fashion show mixed with a concert.’ And now it’s happening,” Formichetti said in an interview.

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With community at its heart, the brand, which includes among its fans artists such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Drake, J Balvin and Doja Cat, delivered in Milan.

Special guests and friends of the designer, such as Netflix star Aron Piper and American football running back Alvin Kamara, strode the catwalk wearing pieces from the spring 2025 collection. Italian artists from the rap and trap scene such as Capo Plaza, Tedua and Tony Effe entertained the more than 1,500 fans who had been lined up since the afternoon for the buzzy event.

“I saw all of Domenico’s progress and hard work during the last years, he deserves everything and I’m really happy for him. I really enjoyed to be in this show. It’s crazy what he does because he managed to bring so many Italian artists together. It’s really nice,” Piper said.

“The ‘Holy Motor’ spring collection drew inspiration from the automotive world and encapsulated the idea of the heart as a motor, the core engine that drives our loves and passions, much like the engines in cars and bikes,” Formichetti continued.

The color palette leaned toward darker, matte tones inspired by car interiors and ground textures, complemented by shiny finishes reminiscent of vehicle paintwork. Tartan patterns and camo prints reflected Formichetti’s personal taste.

Materials like denim, mesh and triacetate were enhanced by a collaboration with Dainese, a leading motorcycle protection company. Formichetti signature’s footwear stood out, in particular the “Fat Timberland”-inspired boots. Celebrating hip-hop culture, especially from the ’90s in New York, these influences were integrated into prints and the overall aesthetic.

A look from PDF "Holy Motor" 2025 spring collection
A look from PDF “Holy Motor” 2025 spring collection.

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