Paulina Porizkova shares unfiltered photo: 'This is what it looks like to be an un-tweaked woman of 56'

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 26: Paulina Porizkova attends the
Paulina Porizkova is speaking out about her views on "tweaking" and other forms of plastic surgery, telling women it's OK to sieze their power in any form they see fit. (Photo: Michael Loccisano/WireImage) (Michael Loccisano via Getty Images)

Paulina Porizkova is setting the record straight about her views on Botox, “tweaking," and other forms of light plastic surgery.

Over the last several years, the supermodel has used her platform to challenge beauty standards in Hollywood — specifically when it comes to aging. But, as she writes, her stance comes with its fair share of criticism.

“Ok, let’s talk tweaking for a moment,” Porizkova wrote on Instagram alongside a photo showing circles around tiny lines and wrinkles on her face. “When I post no Botox no fillers hashtags, I get a fair amount of criticism from women assuming I’m somehow being superior.”

“I always have a knee jerk reaction to this — wanting to defend myself,” she continued. “No, no, I want to say, I’m merely going for representation. This is what it looks like to be an un-tweaked woman of 56, (ok, so on a good day and in great light). I, personally, want to see other women who haven’t tweaked, so I have a sense of what being my age looks like.”

“In our new world of artificial perfection, sometimes it’s impossible to tell what is what, and I’m trying to clarify it for you the way I’d like it clarified for myself,” she explained to the critics, adding that she has “zero objections to women seizing their power in any way they see fit. Yes, this is how I see tweaking. Seizing your power and putting it into play. Good for you.”

“Remaining tweak free is acceptance. Can you do both? I have no idea. I’m trying, but so far, I keep falling into the muddy middle," she said, adding that her personal regimen includes non-invasive “laser stuff” as well as treatments that boost collagen.

“[I] hope one day I’ll wake up not caring so much, or perhaps, accepting that I cannot change societal norms by myself and go and seize my power,” she concluded.

The post welcomed a chain of positive feedback from commenters who related to the model’s point of view.

“You've earned the right to do whatever you want. Don't give these people any air time,” one fan wrote with another adding, “I’m 51 and no tweaking...another member of the muddy middle here. Thank you, Paulina.”

“You are wonderful, beautiful and natural. So, envy is the cause of such criticism,” another added.

“You are making a beautiful difference, impact! Thank you,” read another.

Of course, Porizkova has never been shy about posting filter-free photos on her social media accounts or inspiring other women to love their bodies and to embrace natural aging.

She’s also unafraid to challenge critics. Last November, the model replied to a commenter who criticized her for focusing "way too much on yourself and your looks," as well as "parading around half naked like a 16 year old."

“Move near your kids and grandkids, settle down, get a nice house, make it welcoming for your kids and grandkids and start living a life for others," the troll wrote.

That’s when Porizkova shared the comment in a separate post and gave an epic clap back.

"Yesterday's comment .... is only important insofar as to highlight the still common belief THAT WOMEN ARE ESSENTIALLY CHATTEL. That once we have stopped breeding, we should be retired to provide nourishment for others," she wrote. "I'm 56, and living my best life. After a lifetime spent taking care of others, I finally get to do ME."

The model defended posing nude by saying she finally feels "good in my skin," which itself was a journey.

“An older woman is allowed wisdom, humor, patience — but not sensuality. Not sexiness," she wrote. "This is a major societal taboo which is precisely why I post what I post. I may be 56, but I'm as fully a woman as I was thirty years ago, in fact, I'd argue: more so. I'm finally fully inhabiting this body of mine, I fully appreciate it, and I am fully celebrating it."

"I may be posting for you. But I pose for myself,” she concluded.

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