Paul Mescal and Gracie Abrams Seen Out Together in London

Paul Mescal and Gracie Abrams Seen Out Together in London

On Sunday, photos of actor Paul Mescal on what appears to be a date with singer Gracie Abrams were shared by TMZ. The images were taken during the day in London at BRAT restaurant with eyewitnesses telling the publication that the pair ordered a bunch of small plates to share.

In the images, they appear to be in intense conversation. At one point he reached over to touch her face. Paul was wearing a white T-shirt and Gracie had on a pale pink blouse.

Gracie has recently been in the news for the release of her second album, The Secret of Us, which has a song on it that features Taylor Swift. The duo went viral together after a video was shared where the Eras Tour star put out a small fire in her apartment. Gracie has opened for Taylor and told ELLE in May that she really admires all the women in pop music at this moment.

“I feel like women are kind of running it right now, and I’m obsessed with that being true,” she said. “There’s so much flexibility for artists to tap into whatever they’re feeling and then, as a result, find people who are aligned with that sound or that emotion. That just comes from the women who were brave enough to do it first.”

She also shared how influential working with Taylor was for her.

“Being in Taylor’s orbit for the summer completely altered every single thing for me,” she said. “It informed so much about how I went about writing this next album. She makes everyone feel seen and heard, and she also at different points in the shows makes it feel like an intimate venue despite the fact that there are 80,000 or 100,000 people sharing the space. That’s what I want so badly, because the joy is infectious.”

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