Patrick Mahomes looks back to make sure ref doesn't throw flag during 25-yard scramble

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes can do everything. He can pass, he can run and he can even keep an eye on the refs.

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Mahomes showed off that last skill during a 25-yard scramble during Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions. With a little over two minutes left in the first quarter, Mahomes decided to take off. Before he committed to the run, however, he made sure the ref wasn’t going to throw a flag.

It looked ... a little bizarre. Mahomes knew there was no Lions player that far behind him, so he must have been looking at the ref. It’s possible Mahomes feared the ref would throw a holding flag, and wanted to check on that before he ran 25 yards down the field.

No flag was thrown on the play, allowing Mahomes to pick up a nice gain on the ground. That paid off later on the drive, as the Chiefs kicked a field goal.

Since the start of last season, Mahomes has arguably been the best quarterback in football. He might not be a seasoned veteran like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, but Mahomes is already getting calls in his favor. He doesn’t even need to talk to the refs to convince them. Mahomes can just stare at them.

Patrick Mahomes is only running 25 yards if he knows the play will count. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)


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