Patient's emotional goodbye after year in Northampton General Hospital

A stroke patient who spent almost a year in hospital was waved off by staff in an emotional goodbye.

Pierre Rudd, 52, had been at Northampton General Hospital for 352 days after being admitted into its critical care unit.

He underwent major heart surgery and then suffered a series of strokes, which left his lower body paralysed.

His wife Natacha said: "The staff feel like family. They mean so much and made the bad moments feel not so bad."

"I don't have enough words to say how much they mean because they've kept my husband alive," she added.

Family members and hospital staff lined the corridor as Mr Rudd was discharged.

'Love him to pieces'

Ward sister Lizzie Lamb said: "You've shared their highs and lows and you have gone on that journey with him.

"The whole of the nursing team, we all know him and his family very well.

"They are a lovely family and we are devastated he is leaving here because we genuinely love him to pieces.

"But he needs this move as the next part of his recovery journey."

Mr Rudd was originally admitted to hospital to have extensive vascular surgery for an aortic repair.

He has since spent months recovering there but was moved on Thursday to a rehabilitation centre for specialist spine care.

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