Passenger spots 'UFO' from plane window

A passenger has captured what appears to be a UFO flying alongside his plane while travelling to Athens, Greece.

Kerry Forides, filmed the unidentified object from his plane seat while travelling over the Aegean Sea on March 28.

The footage was then shared on Youtube and on his Facebook page

"It appears to be flying away at right angles from our commercial jet and somehow without either of us appearing to turn we end up almost following it," he wrote alongside the video.

Kerry spotted the object from his plane window. Photo: Youtube
Kerry spotted the object from his plane window. Photo: Youtube

He then also posted a status on his Facebook sharing an article, which covered a UFO sighting in Switzerland claiming it was actually military jets even though the air force has not confirmed anything.

Kerry said there were striking similarities between what he observed during his flight and what was featured in the article.

Many seemed convinced by his video online.

"That was no plane, that was a huge disc," one person commented on Youtube.

Many were convinced it was a UFO. Photo: Youtube
Many were convinced it was a UFO. Photo: Youtube

"I have never seen UFO leave a trail like this one, however the way it turned is something else," another wrote.

"Incredible video catch. I'm thinking you got a UFO." was another comment.

Others however were not, saying it was just another plane leaving a trail.

"It's the contrail of another jet flying away from the plane. It's flying at about a 90 degree angle to the perspective jet," one person explained.

"That's a plane flying in another direction leaving a chemtrail," another wrote.

Either way, we're not too keen on seeing things fly that close to planes regardless of what it is.

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