Passenger films man hilariously struggling to get his bag into the overhead bin

Sarah Carty
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There’s nothing worse than trying to get to your seat on a plane when another passenger is insisting on taking up the whole aisle.

Even worse is when they’re trying to cram a bag into the overhead bin, which obviously won’t fit in there.

One woman decided to film the hilarious moment a man on her flight was struggling to get his carry-on luggage into the overhead compartment and needed the air hostess to tell him he had it the wrong way around.

A man has been filmed trying to shove his bag into the overhead bin on a plane. Photo: Twitter/@lazblue/jukin media

In the video above, which was posted to Twitter by Larry Lee and has over nine million views, the man can be seen trying to shove the bag into the bin to no avail.

After a few seconds, the air hostess comes over and tells the man to turn the bag on its side and when he does that, the bag slides right into the bin.

The camera then spans to the woman, who is laughing hysterically.

“Seriously, how do people like this survive in the world?” Larry Lee captioned the video on Twitter.

“This can not be real, how did he get dressed,” one person said.

The video has since gone viral. Photo: Twitter/@lazblue/jukin media

“Not a Tetris fan I assume,” another person said.

Others were quick to jump to the man’s defense, claiming it’s not funny and the man could have been ‘disorientated’.

“Sometimes it happened when we are in hurry or panic attack,” one person said.

“Did anyone take a min to imagine this man might be disoriented from sleep deprivation? Could have been on a 16hr flight before a local one,” another person said.

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