Party guest reveals host told them it’s 'insulting' to bring desserts

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A woman online has shared the awkward encounter she had with her boyfriend’s dad, who told her that it was ‘insulting’ for her to bring a dessert to his party.

Posting to Reddit, the user explained that she wanted to take some homemade goods to the event as it was the first time she was meeting her potential father-in-law.

Cake being served
A woman was told by her boyfriend’s dad that it’s rude to bring desserts to his party. Photo: Getty

The 20-year-old detailed that her boyfriend of six months has two sets of parents: biological parents who he isn’t close to, and his “kind and giving” adoptive parents who she has already met.

“I’ll be meeting his biological dad for the first time tomorrow and it’s a catered party of maybe 20-35 people,” she wrote online.

“To celebrate summer, a pregnancy and his father just got another degree (he’s wealthy, think businessman prestige).”


The woman then explains that she asked her boyfriend if it would be nice to bring coconut macarons to the event, as the father had tried them in the past and “adored” them.

The boyfriend agreed that it was a good idea, but stressed not to take too many or else she’d seem rude.

“I didn’t say anything but I was excited to contribute,” she said.

“His father got the idea ran by him and ranted for five to ten minutes about just how insulting it would be if I brought some.

“Things like, ‘she doesn’t think I can provide enough?’, ‘can’t provide dessert?’, ‘is she thinking this party is about her?’, ‘wants to receive credit?’.”

While it was a private conversation between father and son, she says that she is now “mortified” and won’t be bringing any baked treats.

Plate of coconut macaroons.
The woman says she feels 'terrified' to attend the event after she was called 'insulting' for wanting to bring coconut macaroons. Photo: Getty

She has since asked other people on Reddit for advice as she thought she was doing a kind act, but now feels greedy and is “terrified” to attend.

“For a catered affair, one does not bring food to be served at the party,” one person wrote. “But if it was a gift for him to enjoy the macarons by himself, then it’s just a nice gesture.”

“This is like showing up to a wedding with a dessert to share,” another user added. “Bringing the cookies as a gift for the host alone is fine, but showing up as if it's a potluck to a catered thing, no.”

“Bake a few anyways, give them to him and clarify that they are (and were always) meant for him to enjoy, not for the party,” someone else shared.

A fourth remarked: “The dad is a massive jerk and you shouldn’t be worried about a jerk just being a jerk.

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