“Party of Five”'s Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf Open Up About Their 'Dream Come True' Hallmark Christmas Movie

The actors share the heartwarming "full-circle moment" they experienced working on 'A Merry Scottish Christmas'

<p>Hallmark Channel</p>

Hallmark Channel

Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf want to get one thing straight: They will never play romantic leads opposite one another. Like, ever.

Twenty-three years after wrapping their six years as siblings on Party of Five, the two actors reunite on screen this Saturday in Hallmark Channel's A Merry Scottish Christmas, and, once again, they play brother and sister. This time, they're estranged and heading to Scotland to celebrate the holidays with their mother.

When news of the movie broke, however, many fans online jumped to a romantic conclusion. "We were all very quick on social media to say, 'We are just brother and sister. Everybody calm down," Chabert, 41, tells PEOPLE.

"But people were posting the vomit emoji," Wolf, 55, says. "I mean, never. It was not even a remote possibility that we would be playing love interests. No one is less interested in that than the two of us."

Adds Chabert: "No one wants to see Bailey and Claudia falling in love."

<p>Columbia Pictures/Everett</p> Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert on 'Party of Five'

Columbia Pictures/Everett

Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert on 'Party of Five'

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The kinship between the two actors is palpable, both on-screen and off. "We're brother and sister for life," says Wolf.

Below, the actors share how A Merry Scottish Christmas came together (it took years!) and details of their heartwarming "full-circle" experience.

PEOPLE: It is such a treat to see the two of you together again. Tell me a little bit about how this project came about and how you came back together.

SCOTT WOLF: I think just the idea of having any chance to work together on anything was something that would be a dream of both of ours. A few years ago, I did a holiday movie for Hallmark. On the heels of it — because obviously Lacey is the Queen of Hallmark and has done so many — once I did one, there became a lot of chatter about, "Oh wait a second. They have to do one together." And I think we both were reading all of that and hearing all of that.

LACEY CHABERT: I think I texted you and I was like, "Hey, do you want to do a Hallmark movie together?" And you were like, "Yeah, let's go make it happen."

WOLF: This is going back a few years. But we definitely wanted to make sure we had a really great script and a story that we could throw ourselves into. And so with development and then COVID it actually took all this time to finally get to do it. It's hard to put into words how meaningful it was to get a chance to just spend the time with Lacey after all these years. When we met, she was 11 years old, and to work together and see just the incredible professional she is and how much control and leadership she has on a set. And she really guided the way on this in a way that was really inspiring and fun and just made me really proud.

CHABERT: I love you so much.

WOLF: I love you too.

<p>Olivia Wong/Getty</p> Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert on Nov. 15, 2023

Olivia Wong/Getty

Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert on Nov. 15, 2023

What does it mean to you to hear him say those kinds of things? Does the 11-year-old in you still hear that?

CHABERT: Yes. I feel like so much of who I am now as an adult, I look back and I realize so many of the good things are because of the positive influence of Scott and the rest of our wonderful cast. And I'm so thankful for that experience and that we were able to spend those six years together and be forever family. Being on set that first day for this movie was really a dream come true. It was really surreal to me. I feel like I'll always be your little sister and you're always protective over me. He always made sure I was taken care of. And it's just such a comfort zone for me to be with you. I am so thrilled that we got to tell this particular story of brother and sister and how they find each other again, as they find out this new information about their family, which sets them on a new path in life. Just every day on this film warms my heart and sitting here with him now does too.

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The brother-sister dynamic at the center of this movie is so relatable. Lacey, for you, was this a nice diversion from the typical Hallmark romance? 

CHABERT: I'm really excited with the way that Hallmark is growing and the types of stories that we're able to tell. And while I think everyone loves a good romantic story—I do myself—it doesn't always have to be the main story. I love that this is a brother-sister. I think it's very relatable that these are two people who really love each other but, because of life's circumstances, have lost their way with one another and don't exactly see eye-to-eye at the point of the story where we pick up with them. And I love that they find each other and see each other through a different light by the end of our story.

WOLF: We knew from the beginning that if the central part of the story was going to be a brother and sister, it would stand out from a lot of the films that people are used to seeing. We also knew there would have to be romantic elements, and there are. But the fact that it does stand out and the fact that have the history we have together, it made it really special. It felt really unique and emotional. And like Lacey said, I think Hallmark is really expanding this scope of stories that they are wanting to tell. We also love the idea that people, especially fans of the old show, are going to want to see us together and see all this warmth and connectedness. And that's not where these characters were. They were really in trouble with each other when this story starts and they have to earn their way back to each other. And so in a way, there is a central love story, but it's a sibling one.

CHABERT: There's also a few little Easter eggs for the diehard fans of our show. A few things that if you look closely enough. And maybe some dialogue.

WOLF: You got to be paying pretty close attention here and there. But there are definitely little winks to the show we met on.

<p>Hallmark Channel</p> Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf in Hallmark Channel's 'A Merry Scottish Christmas'

Hallmark Channel

Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf in Hallmark Channel's 'A Merry Scottish Christmas'

What was it like for the two of you off-set? Did you spend time together? And did your families join you? [Chabert has a daughter, Julia, 7, with husband David Nehdar; Wolf and his wife Kelley have Jackson, 14, Miller, 11, and Lucy, 9.]

WOLF: Both of our families were there.

CHABERT: One of my favorite moments was we arrived at the castle where we were filming in Scotland. It was a long day, and we were very hurried to start shooting before the sun went down. And we were shooting a scene where we're starting inside the castle and then we walk out the front. And as we're filming, I realized that all of our kids were playing in the front yard. And it almost took me out of the scene because it was such a flash to me being a kid and having just met Scott. And because our daughters look so much like both of us really, because we looked so much alike in real life, I just had this total flash of me being 11 years old again with Scott, and the full circle moment of that was really heartwarming for me.

WOLF: Yeah, that was pretty incredible. We had been shooting for a bit before our families came over, so we had already had our [mimes mind-blowing]. But seeing our kids playing together on set outside a castle in Scotland was pretty... You can't even put into words the giant loving, full circle moment that was.

CHABERT: We both stopped and took it in. We were like, "Let's not forget this moment. This is a real blessing."

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Columbia TV/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock Matthew Fox, Lacey Chabert, Scott Wolf and Neve Campbell on 'Party of Five'
Columbia TV/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock Matthew Fox, Lacey Chabert, Scott Wolf and Neve Campbell on 'Party of Five'

Were there any moments where one of you would be like, "Oh my God, you used to do stuff like that 25 years ago?"

WOLF: No, I mean, it's such a different time and we've come such a far way. But the beautiful thing was just being in the same room together literally feels like no time has passed, but time has passed.

CHABERT: A lot of time.

WOLF: Just seeing Lacey in this world leading and inspiring the whole crew and cast: She's always been about the kindest, loveliest person I've ever known. And so that carries through into how she is on set. If you're going to do a Hallmark movie for Christmas, do it with this person.

CHABERT: Scott is just the best. When people ask me about you, I'm like, "He's as kind or more kind than you hope he's going to be. He has a heart of gold and takes care of everyone around him, and it's always fun." And we had so many laughs and it was just the best three weeks to reminisce and then also make these new memories.

A Merry Scottish Christmas premieres Saturday, Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel.

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