Parents share hilarious reasons to justify having more kids to strangers in viral video

parents viral reel justify having more kids
parents viral reel justify having more kids

You should never have to justify the amount of children you desire to have, especially to strangers, but it’s something that parents of multiple kids unfortunately deal with when they express plans to continue expanding their family.

Content creators Suzanne White and her husband Dillon White are expecting their fourth child, and someone had the audacity to ask why they “would they purposely have four children?” First of all, boundaries, people! This is not an appropriate question. But thankfully for us, the parents saw this as an opportunity to make a hilarious reel listing their reasons.

Suzanne and Dillon took turns listing sarcastic reasons, all while cracking up and eating push pops with forks (which really got people riled up in the comments). Dillon started it off with “I feel like we needed more random bags of stuff all around the house,” and the list continued with things like wanting more shoes to trip on and enjoying laundry so much they just wanted an excuse to do more. Then Dillon recalled a revelation he had that morning.

“This morning I was making breakfast and I thought, You know, I don’t like that I’m almost using a whole carton of eggs. I just wanna be able to use the whole thing,” he said as Suzanne burst into laughter.

“Up to this point,” Suzanne added before having to pause for a giggle break, “none of our kids have needed leashes, and I just thought…”

“Speaking of leashes, I’m hoping for another kid to not take the dogs on walks,” Dillon interjected.

The jokes didn’t end there. “Our house right now is simply just not loud enough,” Suzanne pointed out.

“I really want a bedtime routine that takes up the whole night,” Dillon noted before adding that he’d love to have more activities for the family to show up late to as well.

Suzanne captioned the all-too-relatable reel with an even more relatable message: “…forget how fun kids are or how much we love being parents!” The second part of that phrase is most likely the answer for anyone with multiple kids—you have more because you love being a parent! It’s as simple as that.

Other parents with big families were quick to chime in with their own hilarious reasons in the comments.

“7 kids here. I snorted my energy drink out my nose watching this,” one wrote. “I really love turning off all the lights and flushing all the toilets in my house 24/7. It’s great cardio. I have a 4-year-old so I have about 15 more years to enjoy this hobby.”

Whatever your reason is for growing your family, it’s the right one. You should never have to justify it.