Parents outraged over this Christmas toy 'rip off'

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

As the festive season draws ever closer and people face the mammoth financial task of buying Christmas presents for family and friends, some parents have decided to take a stand against overpriced toys.

Taking to social media, a mum from the UK, has shared her disbelief and outrage at being ‘ripped off’ after spending £84.99 (a massive $150AUD) on a present for her daughter.

“Anyone thinking of buying the lol bigger surprise for £84.99 this is what you get,” the woman said alongside an image of the toy, showing the case was pretty empty.

A mum shared this photo of a present rip off online. Photo: Facebook/Natalie Harrison

The L.O.L. Surprise! Doll Bigger Surprise, can be bought in Australia from Target for a slightly reduced price of $89AUD, but even Myer, as well as some online retailers, are selling them for a staggering $140-$170AUD.

The image has quickly gone viral and gained over 10,000 comments and been shared nearly 30,000 times.

Other parents were equally outraged, with many admitting they were going to buy the gift themselves but had now decided against it.

It’s present buying season again. Photo: Getty

I’ll wait till next year when it’s down in price sticking this kind of money on toys is shocking,” one person commented.

“How bad is that,” another wrote.

“I was gonna [buy one] until I saw this, I’d want my f**ing money back,” was another outraged comment.

Wow I will not be wasting my money on that,” a woman wrote. “I would rather spend the same amount on six or seven individual dolls.”

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