Parents hilariously reveal their true thoughts on Peppa Pig

Allison Yee
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It’s the cartoon loved by little ones everywhere, but it seems not every parent is a Peppa Pig fan – and they’re not afraid to hold back when asked about it.

A Reddit thread has opened the floodgates for frustrated parents everywhere, after one user posted the question: “Any other parents sick to death of Peppa pig?”

The globally popular cartoon has been running for 14 years. Photo: Instagram/officialpeppa

“I need to share my pain, I want to DIG UP THE ROAD!!” and toss them all in the hole and cement it over,” the post continued. “Also Daddy Pig is a smug prick.”

It turns out what is one parent’s TV pig savior is a source of extreme rage for others, as commenters unleashed upon Peppa in the brutal thread.

“Peppa is spoilt, bratty little s**t who needs to hurl herself straight into the f**king sea,” one ranted. “George is alright though.”

One fed-up parent took to Reddit to share their frustrations – and it opened up a whole can of worms. Photo:

“Baby Jake’s parents needed neutering as soon as they had the alphabetical naming kids idea,” slammed another one.

“I’m a vegetarian, but if someone made Peppa Pig into a bacon sarnie I would eat it out of sheer spite,” another commenter hilariously revealed. “Don’t even get me started on Bing. How Flop tolerates the bellend is beyond me.

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However other grateful parents threw their support behind their tot’s favourite cartoon.

“If you are tired of Peppa Pig, you are tired of life,” one hit back. “Also Peppa Pig is the only time my little un is quiet, so I thank Peppa for that.”

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