Panera’s Latest Breakfast Sandwich Combines Two Unexpected Favorites

But fans are very divided.



When you find yourself craving an indulgent breakfast, Panera might not be the first place that comes to mind. Typically, the fast-casual restaurant focuses on fresh ingredients and lighter fare. They offer a mixture of baked goods alongside steel-cut oatmeal, souffles, and handhelds such as the Garden Avo and Egg White Sandwich—offering a bit of a reprieve from the sea of greasy fast food breakfast options.

As Panera steps into its new “era” the bakery-cafe is setting out to offer a variety of new and revamped menu items. Now, fans will be able to enjoy a fresh lineup of breakfast sandwiches and a few unique creations that appeal to those seeking a more indulgent wake-up call.

Panera Unveils Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Sandwiches

Panera is launching a line of sweet and savory breakfast entrees and you might be surprised by one of the headliners. Alongside new savory items—like bacon and egg or steak and egg sandwiches—Panera now has breakfast sandwiches made with their fan-favorite cinnamon rolls. 



"These delicious offerings will feature sweet, savory, and protein-packed options to kickstart your day, including options that feature our signature cinnamon rolls—a customer favorite that are baked for guests in our cafes,” said Alicia Mowder, SVP of Product Strategy & Insights for Panera Bread.

Panera recently unveiled the sandwiches, coining them “CinnaScrambles,” a playful name inspired by the ingredients. CinnaScrambles are made from scrambled eggs and melted American cheese sandwiched between a warm cinnamon roll bun. Customers also have the choice to add either sausage or bacon. Alternatively, guests can opt for a CinnaTop, which is an iced cinnamon roll base topped with either chopped cookie pieces or fudgy brownie chunks.

Recently, Panera shared an Instagram photo of the CinnaScrambles and CinnaTops, and customers were immediately divided. “That looks incredible,” said one commenter. While many others shared the opposite sentiment. “​This is so insulting. This looks like something you would find at a state fair. Really, really disappointed,” said one user. “It is honestly impressive how much Panera has managed to fumble,” said another.



In addition to the cinnamon roll-based sandwiches, Panera will offer three new traditional breakfast sandwiches as well. The Bacon Doubletake that features a double portion of bacon; Steak & Wake with marinated thinly sliced steak on ciabatta; and a Ham, Egg, and Cheese sandwich for those seeking a more classic option.

The sandwiches are available in bakery-cafes nationwide but only for a limited time so be sure to try one soon before they’re gone. 

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