Panera Introduces 4 New Cold Drinks Just in Time To Beat the Heat

And replace the Charged Lemonades.



For the last year, we’ve seen significant changes from Panera. Many favorites quietly dropped off the menu, leaving fans missing their go-to orders. What started as only rumors were later confirmed by the disappearance of the items from bakery-cafes nationwide.

But if there’s one thing we know about our favorite eateries, they always have a plan. While items may disappear, sometimes fan favorites return permanently with more flavor choices, or entirely new combinations are added to the lineup. Recently, Panera launched its New Era menu transformation by bringing back a mix of revamped favorites and new menu options. According to a press release, Panera’s latest offerings resulted from focusing on customer input and a desire to add more value.

Most of the menu updates have been to the food, but now Panera adds four new refreshing drinks to enjoy alongside your favorite food picks.

Panera Launches 4 New Fruit-Flavored Drinks



Panera is ushering in summer with four new cold drinks. The fruit-flavored beverages come after the fast-casual restaurant discontinued its Charged Lemonades due to their high caffeine content. The drinks were previously part of Panera’s Unlimited Sip Club. This membership allows subscribers to choose from a list of over 20 drinks and fill up a cup at any Panera location for a flat monthly or annual fee. All the new drinks, except the Tropical Green Smoothie, are included in the Unlimited Sip Club membership.

The new offerings include a mix of tea and fruit-based beverages:

  • Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea: A light-tasting, naturally flavored herbal tea infused with a blend of hibiscus and pomegranate.

  • Citrus Punch: Citrus flavors meld into a vibrant and refreshing punch. It tastes exactly like the Mango Yuzu Citrus Charged Lemonade, sans caffeine.

  • Blueberry Lavender Lemonade: The delicious duo of blueberry and lemonade combines with floral hints of lavender in the newest addition to Panera’s lemonade lineup.

  • Tropical Green Smoothie: Formerly named Green Passion Smoothie, Panera’s fan-favorite smoothie has been reformulated and now includes a blend of tropical fruit and spinach.

As part of this launch, Panera is offering new subscribers three free months of Unlimited Sip Club. This could save you nearly $45 in monthly fees, not to mention the value of refilling your cup every two hours.

But you have to act fast because the limited-time offer ends June 30. If you can’t cash this time, don’t worry. Panera has free Unlimited Sip Club promotions throughout the year, so you can always snag one next time.

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