Panera Is Getting in on TikTok's 'Little Treat Culture' Movement

And that's good news for all of us.

<p>Courtesy of Panera   </p>

Courtesy of Panera

If you, for some reason, do not live your life incredibly online, let me introduce you to one of the latest social media microtrends: Little Treat Culture. The idea is very straightforward: a tiny treat to give you a little emotional boost throughout the day. And many companies are getting in on the craze — including Panera.

In June, Panera launched a set of new savory and sweet breakfast items and dropped its Little Big Treat Menu, which includes some rather over-the-top (and we mean this as a compliment) CinnaTops.

"Be it after finishing a mundane task, after a long conference call, an afternoon walk around the block, a little break — for whatever reason — the trend emphasizes why sometimes we just want a 'Little Treat,'" the company shared in a statement provided to Food & Wine. "Panera thinks you deserve more than just a little treat and the new CinnaTops are the perfect option to reach for as you start your day with decadence."

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The CinnaTops are made with a cinnamon roll base and are each topped with icing and the customer's choice of a Panera bakery item, including Candy Cookie, Choco Chipper Cookie, or Fudgy Brownie. The CinnaTops start at $4.79, making them a good choice for an under-$5 little treat.

<p>Courtesy of Panera   </p> Panera's Little Big Treat breakfast menu include the Bacon Double Take and Steak and Wake sandwiches.

Courtesy of Panera

Panera's Little Big Treat breakfast menu include the Bacon Double Take and Steak and Wake sandwiches.

And starting this Friday, the rest of  Panera’s Little Big Treat Menu launches, including the Bacon Double Take — a sandwich with "double the bacon of a traditional Panera breakfast sandwich, along with two types of cheese for an extra layer of flavor." There's also the Steak and Wake, a limited-time menu item made with marinated, thin-sliced steak served on Panera's Ciabatta bread.

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Or, customers can snag a Sausage CinnaScramble, made with "sausage, scrambled egg, and melty American cheese" on a warm cinnamon roll, topped with salt and pepper. There's also the CinnaScramble, made with scrambled eggs and American cheese on a cinnamon roll, and the simple Ham Egg and Cheese for a classic, little treat breakfast experience.

This isn't the only thing Panera has going on this summer. It also dropped its most valuable Sips Club membership yet, which allows new subscribers who sign up by August 31 three free months of endless drinks, which would pair perfectly with those tiny little snacks that you so deserve. 

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