'Ozempic Boob' Is Actually Pretty Common—Here's What It Is, and How to Know If You Have It

For many people, prescription weight loss medications like Ozempic and Wegovy have had dramatic results—before and after photos speak for themselves. Certainly, a smaller waist and slimmer figure is an expected result of taking one of these medications, but what many people on Ozempic or Wegovy were not expecting was to be left with saggy breasts, a side effect being dubbed “Ozempic boob” or “Ozempic breasts” on social media.

Whether you are considering going on a weight loss medication and want to avoid saggy breasts as a side effect of the medication or it’s something you are already experiencing, doctors have clear answers about why it happens and what you can do about it.

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What Causes ‘Ozempic Breasts’?

Dr. Beverly Tchang, MD, an endocrinologist and obesity medicine advisor at Ro, says that any time a person with breasts loses weight—whether it’s with the help of a weight loss medication or not—saggy breasts is a side effect they may experience.

“When a person loses weight, whether by lifestyle changes, medication or surgery, that weight can come from all areas of the body,” she explains. “I do not consider ‘saggy breasts’ to be a side effect of anti-obesity medications. Losing weight in the breasts can result from any form of weight loss, regardless of if a person is on a GLP-1 medication, or not.”

Dr. Virginia Weaver, MD, FACS, ABOM, a bariatric surgeon at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in Tennessee, agrees that experiencing saggy breasts—or sagging skin elsewhere on the body—can happen after losing weight regardless of how the weight was lost. “When a woman loses weight and reduces her overall body fat, she will also lose fat from her breasts, which makes them lose volume and possibly change shape. This causes breasts to droop or sag, and become less firm,” she says.

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It’s a misconception that saggy breasts after losing weight is only something women with larger breasts can experience. “This side effect of weight loss can be experienced by any woman of any age, regardless of initial breast size,” Dr. Weaver says.

She adds that another misconception is that this side effect only happens when weight is lost rapidly. What actually plays a role, she says, is how much weight is lost. “A woman who loses 100 pounds will probably experience more breast sagging than a woman who loses 20 pounds,” she explains.

How To Avoid or Treat ‘Ozempic Boob’

While Dr. Weaver says that it’s not really possible to prevent sagging breasts as a side effect of dramatic weight loss, she says that there are steps that can impact the inevitable changes in size and shape. “First, tobacco products should be stopped and alcoholic beverages should be eliminated or drastically reduced. Both of these cause damage to the skin that can lessen elasticity,” she warns.

Dr. Weaver says that prioritizing strength training, particularly exercises that target the chest muscles, can also help by increasing the volume of tissue beneath the breasts. She also recommends investing in well-fitted bras that give adequate support. If your breast size has changed, it’s time to go bra shopping!

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If someone has lost a significant amount of weight and having saggy breasts is negatively impacting their daily life or mental health, plastic surgery can be an option. ”If your breasts are already sagging after weight loss, I recommend finding a plastic surgeon to consult with. Breast implants or a mastopexy [breast lift] are both good surgical options if that’s something you’d like to explore,” Dr. Weaver says.

Even though saggy breasts may not be something you expected as part of your weight loss journey, Dr. Weaver says it’s a small price to pay for the benefits of losing weight. “Obesity contributes to decreased life expectancy and greater risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and chronic diseases like diabetes. Weight loss will tremendously combat these risks, and overall health is our ultimate goal,” she explains.

While your breasts may be saggier than before, it’s not something that’s harmful to your health. At the end of the day, it’s just skin. Stock up on some bras that make you feel good about yourself and if you are still feeling self-conscious to the point where it’s impacting your mental health, consider meeting with a plastic surgeon to explore your options. Don’t let it take away from the hard work it takes to prioritize your physical health—be proud!

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